Zanussi AEG Electrolux Replacement S-Bag Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Zanussi AEG Electrolux Replacement S-Bag Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Includes 4 x Dustbags and 1 Motor Filter
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Bag Type: E15 E18 E40 E200 & E200B
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below


ZANEQ10, ZANEQ10+, ZAN3600, ZAN3610, ZAN3615, ZAN3620, ZAN3625, ZAN3630, ZAN4100IW, ZAN4610, ZAN4620, ZAN4622, ZAN4640


Allfloor, Animal, Airmax, Clario 1, Clario  2, Ergo Shock, Maximus, Jetmaxx, Oxygen+, QS Elegance, Silence Pet Pro, System Pro, Viva Control, Viva Quick Stop, VX6, VX7, VX8, Ultra One, Ultra Silencer, X Force


Airmax, Bolido, Clario, Clario 2, EasyGo, Ergospace, Essensio, Excellio, Green, Ikea, Jet Maxx, Maximus, Mondo+, Oxy3, Oxygen, SmartVac, Superpro, Ultra One, Ultra-Silencer, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop, All XXL Models, Z1900 to Z2095, Z3300 to Z3395,(not powerplus models), Z4500 to Z4595, Z5000 to Z7549, Z8800 to Z8899, ZG8800, Zam6100 to Zam6271, ZE310 to ZE361, ZE2200 to ZE2299, ZEG300, ZEG301, ZEG320, ZEO5400 to ZEO5499, ZJG6800 to ZJG6899, ZJM6800 to ZJM6899, ZO6300 to ZO6399, ZP3503 to ZP3530, ZPFPARKETT, ZT7740, ZUSG3000, ZUS3383, ZUS3392, ZUS3920 to ZUS3990, ZUGS3000, ZUGS3900, ZUS3901, ZV1010, ZV1050, EEG41CB, ZVQ2100 to ZVQ2103

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