Zanussi 1975 H7 Tumble Dryer Drive Belt

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Zanussi 1975 H7 Tumble Dryer Drive Belt

The belt in your tumble dryer fits between the motor and the drum pulley, this is the part that allows the drum to turn. If you have noticed the drum is longer going round then it may be the belt at fault.

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Length: 1975mm
  • Ribs: 7
  • Type: Poly-Vee
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below

AE2020, EDE418M, EDE420E, F101L, SI147, TC450B, TC460, TC470, TC480, TC481W, TC482W, TC484W, TC485W, TC491D, TC7102, TC7102S, TC7102W, TC7103S, TC7103W, TC7114, TC7114S, TC7114W, TC7122, TC7124, TC7224, TCE7224, TCE695, TCE7114, TCE7124, TCE7124W, TCE7125, TCE7126, TCE7127W, TCE7145, TCE7224, TCE7225, TCE7227W, TCE7245, TCE7270, TCE7271, TCE7272, TCE7276, TCE7276W, TCES7000, TCF655E, TCF665E, TCS374E, TCS584EW, TCS603LT, TCS605E, TCS623T, TCS6550E, TCS664E, TCS665E, TCS6730T, TCS673T, TCS674E, TCS675E, TCS675EW, TCS683LT, TCS683W, TD05TC, TD06TX, TD150, TD160, TD160T, TD222T, TD230T, TD242T, TD250, TD260, TD322T, TD4100, TD4100W, TD4110, TD4112, TD4112W, TD4113W, TD4117, TD4120, TD4212, TD4212W, TD4213, TD4213W, TD4224, TD4230, TD4234W, TD501TC, TD504TC, TD513, TD514, TD523, TD523AL, TD524, TD526, TD534, TD601TC, TD604EC, TDE4124, TDE4224, TDE4224W, TDE4234W, TDE4235W, TDE4240, TDS362T, TDS463E, TDS240T, TDS250T, TDS260T, TDS270T, TDS280W, TDS281W, TDS302T, TDS333E, TDS360T, TDS362T, TDS363E, TDS370T, TDS371TX, TDS372T, TDS382, TDS382AL, TDS382T, TDS382W, TDS383, TDS383W, TDS463E, TDS464E, TDS473E, TDS474E, TDS483EW, TDS583T, TDS585E, TE350, THE4750, THE4850, THE4851, THES7000, Z200CD, Z300CDP, Z400CDE, Z77.12, Z77.22, Z77.32, Z77.92, ZC481W, ZD100C, ZD102C, ZD110, ZD120, ZD120R, ZD130R, ZD150R, ZD150RL, ZD2000, ZD225, ZD270EK, ZD320, ZDB5377W, ZDC37100W, ZDC37200W, ZDC37201W, ZDC37202W, ZDC46130S, ZDC46130W, ZDC47100G, ZDC47100S, ZDC47100W, ZDC47200W, ZDC47201W, ZDC47203W, ZDC47204W, ZDC47209W, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355, ZDC5355W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, ZDC67550W, ZDC67560W, ZDC68560W, ZDC77570W, ZDCB37209W, ZDCB47209W ZDE26100W, ZDE26110W, ZDE26610W, ZDE46201W, ZDE47100W, ZDE47200W, ZDE47201W, ZDE47209W, ZDE67550W, ZDE67560W, ZDEB47209W, ZE200CD, ZID100, ZTA110, ZTA140, ZTA220, ZTA230, ZTA240, ZTA250, ZTAB250, ZTB140, ZTB160, ZTB180, ZTB200, ZTB220, ZTB240, ZTB261, ZTB271, ZTB276 ZTBB271, ZTBB276, ZTE130, ZTE135, ZTE140, ZTE170, ZTE171, ZTE177, ZTE220, ZTE225, ZTE240, ZTE250, ZTE255, ZTE260, ZTE270, ZTE272, ZTE273, ZTE275, ZTE276, ZTE277, ZTE278, ZTE280, ZTE283, ZTE285 ZTE285C, ZTE286 ZTE288, ZTE2888B, ZTE289, ZTE290, ZTE7285, ZTEB170, ZTEB171, ZTEB272, ZTEB273, ZTEB277 ZTEB285, ZTEB286, ZTEB290, ZTH475, ZTH485, ZTH485C, ZTH488, ZTHB475, ZTHB485, ZTHB488, ZTI280, ZTK120, ZTK123, ZTK125, ZTKB120, ZTKB123, ZW1150DRS

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