Electrolux Zanussi AEG 1650W Grill Element

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Electrolux Zanussi AEG 1650W Grill Element

Grill elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split, bulge, or blow hole on the element.

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp if you need assistance.


  • Wattage: 1650W
  • Outer Diameter: 285mm
  • Height: 356mm
  • Bracket Width: 100mm
  • Tags: 24mm
  • Genuine spare part

Compare your existing element to the one in the photo before ordering. This element has a single central support bracket.

Suitable for:


ZBF260W, ZBF260X, ZBF360B, ZBF360W, ZBF360X, ZCE640W, ZCE641X, ZCG6601W, ZCG6603X, ZCG665GX, ZCM640W, ZCM641X, ZGT1SEK-A, ZLB121X, ZLB151NC, ZLB161X, ZLB321X, ZLB322X, ZLB323X, ZLB331N, ZLB331X, ZLB5331X, ZOB142W, ZOB142X, ZOB143X, ZOB230N, ZOB230W, ZOB230X, ZOB330W, ZOB330X, ZOB343X, ZOG11211CR, ZOG11311XK, ZOG21411BK, ZOG21411XK, ZOG51411XK


EKG510112W, EKG511112W, EKG511113X, EKG51300OW, EKG51301OX, EKG51351OX, EKG51370OW, EKG600100W, EKG600102W, EKG60011, EKG60011X, EKG601100W, EKG601101W, EKG601101X, EKG601104X, EKG60111, EKG6013, EKG601300W, EKG601301W, EKG6013X, EKG603101W, EKG603101X, EKG603102W, EKG603102X, EKG603300W, EKG603300X, EKG603301W, EKG603301X, EKG603302W, EKG603302X, EKG603303W, EKG61100OW, EKG61100OX, EKG61101OW, EKG61101OX, EKG61300OX, EKG64100OX, EKG951300W, EKG951301X, EKG951302W, EKG951303X, EKG961100W, EKG961100X, EKG961101W, EKG961101X, EKG961102W, EKG96110CW, EKG96110CX, EKG96118CW, EKG96118CX, EKG961300X, EOB51001K, EOB51001W, EOB51001X, EOB5700K, EOB5700W, EOB5700X, EOG1400AOX, EOG2100AOX, EOG21300X, EOG21301X, EOG21302X, EOG23400K, EOG23400W, EOG23400X, EOG92100AX, OG6MX, RKG61160OW, RKG61161OW, RKG61161OX


31345GM-MN, 31345GM-WN, 31645G9-MN, 31645G9-WN, 31645GM-MN, 31645GM-WN, 35146GT-WN, 35146T9-MN, 35146T9-WN, 35146TG-MN, 35146TG-WN, 35186GT-MN, 35186GT-WN, GG0021121M

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