Genuine Whirlpool 2000W Fan Oven Element

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Genuine Whirlpool 2000W Fan Oven Element

Oven elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split or bulge, but most likely the oven will not heat up and will be blowing out cold air.

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  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Outer Diameter: 194mm
  • Height: 237mm
  • Bracket Width: 70mm
  • Tags: 24mm
  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for:

001.588.68, 101.588.77, 301.588.76, 401.588.71, 401.823.19, 601.588.70, 6AKP124/IX, 6AKP124/WH, 6AKP124IX, 6AKP124WH, 6AKP512/IX, 6AKP512/WH, 6AKP513/IX, 6AKP513/WH, 6AKP524/IX, 6AKP524/WH, 6AKP613/IX, 6AKP613/IX/01, 6AKP613/WH, 6AKP613/WH/01, 6AKP625/WH, 6AKZ144/IX, 6AKZ148/IX, 6AKZ148/WH, 6AKZ152/IX, 6AKZ152/NB, 6AKZ152/WH, 6AKZ166/IX, 6AKZ166/WH, 6AKZ167/01IX, 6AKZ167/01WH, 6AKZ167/IX, 6AKZ167/IX/01, 6AKZ167/WH, 6AKZ167/WH/01, 6AKZ177IX, 6AKZ186/IX, 6AKZ186/WH, 6AKZ189/IX, 6AKZ189/NB, 6AKZ191/IX, 6AKZ443IX, 6AKZ452/IX, 6AKZ452/IX/01, 6AKZ452/NB, 6AKZ452/WH, 6AKZ452/WH/01, 6AKZ452IX, 6AKZ452WH, 6AKZ486/IX, 6AKZ486/IX/01, 6AKZ486NB, 701.230.12, 70123012, 801.588.69, 801.823.22, 85418851500, 90065643, 901.230.11, AKL889/IX, AKL889/WH, AKL900/IX, AKP118/IX, AKP118/NB, AKP118/WH, AKP129/WH, AKP145/IX, AKP159/IX, AKP200/IX, AKP200/WH, AKP203/IX, AKP203/WH, AKP204/IX, AKP204/WH, AKP207/IX, AKP207/WH, AKP243/AV, AKP243/IX, AKP243/WH, AKP243AV, AKP243WH, AKP508/GR, AKP508/JA, AKP508/WH, AKP510/AV, AKP510/AV/01, AKP510/AV/02, AKP510/WH, AKP510/WH/01, AKP510/WH/02, AKP511/AV, AKP511/AV/02, AKP511/BR, AKP511/GR, AKP511/GR/02, AKP511/IX/02, AKP511/NB/02, AKP511/WH, AKP511/WH/02, AKP513/AV, AKP513/BR, AKP513/WH, AKP519/AV, AKP519/AV/02, AKP519/BR, AKP519/WH, AKP519/WH/02, AKP529WH, AKP595/AV, AKP595/WH, AKP625/AV, AKP625/AV/03, AKP625/AV/04, AKP625/NB, AKP625/NB/01, AKP625/WH, AKP625/WH/01, AKP625/WH/03, AKP625/WH/04, AKP643/AV, AKP643/WH, AKP690/AV, AKP690/BR, AKP690/NB, AKP690/WH, AKP695/AV, AKP695/WH, AKZ100/AV, AKZ100/WH, AKZ100AV/01, AKZ100WH/01, AKZ101/IX, AKZ101IX/01, AKZ106IX, AKZ106WH, AKZ113/IX, AKZ113/NB, AKZ113/WH, AKZ119/IX, AKZ119/IX/01, AKZ119/NB, AKZ119/NB/01, AKZ124IX, AKZ124MR, AKZ124NB, AKZ124WH, AKZ126/IX, AKZ126/WH, AKZ128/WH, AKZ130/AV, AKZ130/IX, AKZ130/NB, AKZ130/WH, AKZ131/01/IX, AKZ131/01NB, AKZ131/AL, AKZ131/AV, AKZ131/IX, AKZ131/IX/01, AKZ131/NB, AKZ131/NB/01, AKZ131/WH, AKZ131/WS, AKZ132/IX, AKZ132/NB, AKZ132/WH, AKZ133/IX, AKZ133/NB, AKZ134/IX, AKZ134/NB, AKZ134/WH, AKZ135/IX, AKZ135/NB, AKZ136/IX, AKZ136/NB, AKZ136/WH, AKZ139/IX, AKZ139/NB, AKZ139/WH, AKZ141/IX, AKZ144/IX, AKZ144/MR, AKZ144/NB, AKZ144/WH, AKZ145/AV, AKZ145/WH, AKZ145WH, AKZ146/AV, AKZ146/IX, AKZ146/WH, AKZ150/WH, AKZ150AV, AKZ150GR, AKZ150IX, AKZ150NB, AKZ150WH, AKZ151/AR, AKZ151/AV, AKZ151/GR, AKZ151/IX, AKZ151/NA, AKZ151/WH, AKZ153AV, AKZ153IX, AKZ153WH, AKZ154/AV, AKZ154/IX, AKZ154/NB, AKZ154/WH, AKZ154AL, AKZ155/AR, AKZ155/GR, AKZ155/JA, AKZ155/NA, AKZ155/WH, AKZ157/IX, AKZ157/NB, AKZ157/WH, AKZ158/AV, AKZ158/IX, AKZ158/WH, AKZ159/IX, AKZ159/WH, AKZ160AV, AKZ160NB, AKZ160WH, AKZ161/03/IX, AKZ161/03/NB, AKZ161/03/WH, AKZ161/AV, AKZ161/AV/01, AKZ161/AV/02, AKZ161/GR, AKZ161/IX, AKZ161/IX/01, AKZ161/IX/02, AKZ161/WH, AKZ161/WH/01, AKZ161/WH/02, AKZ162/IX, AKZ162/WH, AKZ163/01/IX, AKZ163IX, AKZ164/IX, AKZ164/NB, AKZ165/WH, AKZ165AV, AKZ165IX, AKZ165WH, AKZ169/IX, AKZ169/NB, AKZ169/WH, AKZ170/AV, AKZ170/IX, AKZ170/NB, AKZ170/WH, AKZ171/IX, AKZ171/NB, AKZ171/WH, AKZ172/IX, AKZ176IX, AKZ177/WH, AKZ177IX, AKZ177WH, AKZ178/AV, AKZ178/IX, AKZ178/NB, AKZ178/WH, AKZ179/IX, AKZ179/NB, AKZ179/WH, AKZ180/IX, AKZ180/NB, AKZ181/IX, AKZ181/NB, AKZ181/WH, AKZ182/IX, AKZ182/NB, AKZ182/WH, AKZ183/IX, AKZ184/IX, AKZ184/NB, AKZ184/WH, AKZ185AV, AKZ185IX, AKZ185WH, AKZ187/AV, AKZ187/IX, AKZ187/WH, AKZ187AL, AKZ188/IX, AKZ188/WH, AKZ189/IX, AKZ189/WH, AKZ190/IX, AKZ190/IX/01, AKZ193/IX, AKZ194/IX, AKZ194/NB, AKZ194/WH, AKZ195/01AL, AKZ195/01IX, AKZ195/AV, AKZ195/AV/01, AKZ195/AV/02, AKZ195/IX, AKZ195/IX/02, AKZ195/IX/03, AKZ195/NB, AKZ195/NB/02, AKZ195/WH, AKZ195/WH/01, AKZ195/WH/02, AKZ196/IX, AKZ196/NB, AKZ196/WH, AKZ196IX, AKZ197IX, AKZ220/IX, AKZ220/NB, AKZ223/AL, AKZ223/IX, AKZ223/IX/01, AKZ223/IX/02, AKZ223/NB/01, AKZ223/WH/01, AKZ224/AV, AKZ224/IX, AKZ224/NB, AKZ224/WH, AKZ230/AV, AKZ230/IX, AKZ230/NB, AKZ230/WH, AKZ231/AL, AKZ231/AV, AKZ231/IX, AKZ231/IX/01, AKZ231/NB, AKZ231/WH, AKZ232/AV, AKZ232/IX, AKZ232/NB, AKZ232/WH, AKZ241/IX, AKZ275/IX, AKZ275/NB, AKZ275/WH, AKZ276/IX, AKZ276/NB, AKZ276/NB/01, AKZ276/WH, AKZ276/WH/01, AKZ277/IX, AKZ285/AV, AKZ285/IX, AKZ285/NB, AKZ285/WH, AKZ286/IX, AKZ286/NB, AKZ286/WH, AKZ287/IX, AKZ287/NB, AKZ318/IX, AKZ319/IX/01, AKZ319/IX/02, AKZ319/IX/03, AKZ319/NB/02, AKZ319IX, AKZ320/MR, AKZ320/NB, AKZ320IX, AKZ320MR, AKZ320NB, AKZ320WH, AKZ321/EW, AKZ321/MR, AKZ321/NB, AKZ321IX, AKZ322/IX, AKZ350/IX, AKZ350/NB, AKZ350/WH, AKZ360/IX, AKZ360/IX/01, AKZ401/IX, AKZ401/NB, AKZ401/WH, AKZ401IX, AKZ401NB, AKZ401WH, AKZ406/IX, AKZ406/WH, AKZ419IX, AKZ428/IX, AKZ428/IX/01, AKZ428IX, AKZ431 INOX, AKZ431/03AL, AKZ431/03IX, AKZ431/AL, AKZ431/AL/01, AKZ431/AL/03, AKZ431/IX, AKZ431/IX/01, AKZ431/IX/03, AKZ431/NB, AKZ431/NB/01, AKZ431/WH, AKZ431/WH/01, AKZ431AL, AKZ431INOX, AKZ431NB, AKZ431WH, AKZ433/IX, AKZ433IX, AKZ435/IX, AKZ437/IX, AKZ444/IX, AKZ444/NB, AKZ444IX, AKZ444MR, AKZ444NB, AKZ444WH, AKZ445IX, AKZ446/AV, AKZ446/IX, AKZ446/WH, AKZ446AV, AKZ446IX, AKZ446WH, AKZ447/03IX, AKZ447/IX, AKZ447/IX/01, AKZ447/IX/02, AKZ447/IX/03, AKZ447/IX/04, AKZ447/MR, AKZ447/MR/01, AKZ447/MR/04, AKZ447/TI, AKZ447/TI/01, AKZ447/TI/04, AKZ448/IX, AKZ448/IX/01, AKZ448/TI, AKZ448IX/01, AKZ449/IX, AKZ449/NB, AKZ449/WH, AKZ450/GR, AKZ450/GR/01, AKZ451/AV/01, AKZ451/IX/01, AKZ451/NB/01, AKZ451/WH/01, AKZ451AV, AKZ451IX, AKZ451WH, AKZ453/IX, AKZ453IX, AKZ454/AL/01, AKZ454/IX/01, AKZ454/WH/01, AKZ454AL, AKZ454IX, AKZ454NB, AKZ454WH, AKZ455/IX, AKZ455/WH, AKZ456/IX, AKZ456/WH, AKZ457/IX, AKZ469IX, AKZ471IX, AKZ471NB, AKZ471WH, AKZ472/IX, AKZ472/IX/01, AKZ472/NB, AKZ472/NB/01, AKZ472/WH, AKZ475/IX, AKZ475/IX/01, AKZ487IX, AKZ489IX, AKZ490IX, AKZ493/03IX, AKZ493/IX, AKZ493/IX/01, AKZ493/IX/02, AKZ493/IX/03, AKZ494/IX, AKZ495/IX, AKZ495/TI, AKZ496/IX, AKZ497/IX, AKZ498/IX, AKZ498/IX/01, AKZ499/IX, AKZ499/TI, AKZ503/IX, AKZ503/WH, AKZ506/IX, AKZ506/WH, AKZ507/IX, AKZ507/NB, AKZ507/WH, AKZ508/IX, AKZ508/WH, AKZ510/IX, AKZ511/IX, AKZ515/IX, AKZ515/NB, AKZ515/WH, AKZ516/IX, AKZ516/NB, AKZ516/WH, AKZ517/IX, AKZ517/NB, AKZ517/WH, AKZ531/AL, AKZ531/AV, AKZ531/AV/01, AKZ531/IX, AKZ531/IX/01, AKZ531/NB, AKZ531/NB/01, AKZ531/WH, AKZ531/WH/01, AKZ531AL, AKZ531AV, AKZ531INOX, AKZ531IX, AKZ531NB, AKZ531WH, AKZ532/IX, AKZ532IX, AKZ532WH, AKZ550/IX, AKZ550/TI, AKZ551/IX, AKZ554/IX, AKZ555/IX, AKZ576IX, AKZ576NB, AKZ577/IX, AKZ577/NB, AKZ586/IX, AKZ586IX, AKZ587/IX, AKZ644/IX, AKZ644/MR, AKZ644/NB, AKZ644/WH, AKZ644IX, AKZ644MR, AKZ644NB, AKZ644WH, AKZ646/IX, AKZ646/NB, AKZ646/WH, AKZ646IX, AKZ646NB, AKZ646WH, AKZ649/IX, AKZ650/IX, AKZ651/IX, AKZ651/NB, AKZ651/WH, AKZ659/IX, AKZ659/NB, AKZ659/WH, AKZ659IX, AKZ660/IX, AKZ669/03IX, AKZ669/IX, AKZ669/IX/01, AKZ669/IX/02, AKZ669/IX/03, AKZ669/IX/04, AKZ669/NB/04, AKZ672/IX, AKZ672/NB, AKZ672/WH, AKZ672IX, AKZ672NB, AKZ672WH, AKZ673/IX, AKZ673/NB, AKZ673/WH, AKZ673IX, AKZ673NB, AKZ673WH, AKZ674/IX, AKZ674/NB, AKZ674/WH, AKZ674IX, AKZ674NB, AKZ674WH, AKZ675/IX, AKZ675/NB, AKZ675IX, AKZ675NB, AKZ676/IX, AKZ676/IX/01, AKZ676/NB, AKZ676/NB/01, AKZ676/TI, AKZ676/TI/01, AKZ676/WH, AKZ676/WH/01, AKZ677/IX, AKZ679/IX, AKZ679/IX/01, AKZ679/IX/02, AKZ679/IX/07, AKZ679IX, AKZ680/IX, AKZ800/IX, AKZ800/NB, AKZ800/WH, AKZ801/IX, AKZ801/IX/01, AKZ802/IX, AKZ802/NB, AKZ802/WH, AKZ803/IX, AKZ804/IX, AKZ810/IX, G2P61F/01SR/SS, G2P61F/01SR/WH, G2P61F/BK/01, G2P61F/BR, G2P61F/SS/01, G2P61F/WH, G2P61F/WH/01, G2P61FSS, G2P62F/BK/01, G2P62F/BR, G2P62F/SS, G2P62F/SS/01, G2P62F/WH, G2P62F/WH/01, G2P63R/BD, G2P63R/BK, G2P63R/BK/01, G2P63R/GR, G2P63R/GR/01, G2P63R/WH, G2P63R/WH/01, G2P64F/BR, G2P64F/SS, G2P64F/WH, G2P90F/BR, G2P90F/SS, G2P90F/SS/01, G2P90F/SS/02, G2P90F/WH, G2P90F/WH/01, G2P90F/WH/02, G2P90FF/SS, G2P91R/BK, G2P91R/GR, G2P91R/WH, KOMS6605IX, KOMS6610IX, KOMS6630IX, KOSS6610/IX, KOSS6625/IX, LPR825/01, LPR826/01, OBIC20W, OV9MSGB, OVC31S, OVD10AN, OVD10WF, OVN608/S, OVN608/W, OVN618/S, OVN618/W, OVN918/W, OVN918S, SBI110W, TRA801/BR, TRA801/WH, FXVM6

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