Tefal Actifry Compatible Fryer Mixing / Stirring Blade Paddle and Seal

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Tefal Actifry Compatible Fryer Mixing / Stirring Blade Paddle and Seal

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below

Not suitable for the 1.5 kg Actifry

FZ700015, FZ700215, FZ700016, FZ700216, GH8000xx, GH8002xx AL800000/12B AL800000/12C AL800030/12A AL800100/12 AL800040/12A AL800041/12A AL800240/12A AL806040/12A AL806240/12A AL806240/12B AL806041/12B FZ700000/12A FZ700000/12B FZ700000/12C FZ700000/12D FZ700000/12E FZ700001/12A FZ700001/12B FZ700001/12C FZ700001/12D FZ700001/12E FZ700001/12F FZ700001/12G FZ700015/12A FZ700015/12B FZ700015/12C FZ700015/12D FZ700015/12E FZ700015/12F FZ700016/12A FZ700016/12B FZ700016/12C FZ700016/12D FZ700031/12A FZ700031/12B FZ700031/12C FZ700031/12D FZ700031/12E FZ700031/12F FZ700032/12A FZ700032/12B FZ700032/12C FZ700032/12D FZ700032/12E FZ700032/12F FZ700033/12A FZ700033/12B FZ700033/12C FZ700033/12D FZ700033/12E FZ700033/12F FZ700034/12A FZ700034/12B FZ700034/12C FZ700034/12D FZ700034/12E FZ700034/12F FZ700035/12A FZ700035/12B FZ700035/12C FZ700035/12D FZ700035/12E FZ700035/12F FZ700036/12A FZ700036/12B FZ700036/12C FZ700036/12D FZ700036/12E FZ700036/12F FZ700037/12A FZ700037/12B FZ700037/12C FZ700037/12D FZ700037/12E FZ700037/12F FZ700038/12A FZ700038/12B FZ700038/12C FZ700038/12D FZ700038/12E FZ700038/12F FZ700039/12A FZ700039/12B FZ700039/12C FZ700039/12D FZ700039/12E FZ700039/12F FZ700040/12A FZ700040/12B FZ700040/12C FZ700040/12D FZ700041/12A FZ700041/12B FZ700050/12A FZ700050/12B FZ700050/12C FZ700051/12A FZ700051/12B FZ700051/12C FZ700051/12D FZ700051/12E FZ700052/12A FZ700053/12A FZ700053/12B FZ700054/12A FZ700054/12B FZ700055/12A FZ700055/12B FZ700056/12A FZ700056/12B FZ700070/12A FZ700070/12B FZ700070/12C FZ700070/12D FZ700070/12E FZ700071/12A FZ700071/12B FZ700071/12C FZ700071/12D FZ700071/12E FZ700072/12A FZ700072/12B FZ700072/12C FZ700072/12D FZ700072/12E FZ700072/12F FZ700072/12G FZ700100/12A FZ700100/12B FZ700100/12C FZ700100/12D FZ700100/12E FZ700100/12F FZ700101/12A FZ700101/12B FZ700101/12C FZ700101/12D FZ700102/12A FZ700200/12A FZ700200/12B FZ700200/12C FZ700201/12A FZ700201/12B FZ700201/12C FZ700215/12A FZ700215/12B FZ700230/12A FZ700230/12B FZ700231/12A FZ700231/12B FZ700232/12A FZ700232/12B FZ700233/12A FZ700233/12B FZ700234/12A FZ700235/12A FZ700236/12A FZ700250/12A FZ700251/12A FZ700270/12A FZ710840 GH800000/12A GH800015/12A GH800030/12A GH800031/12A GH800032/12A GH800200/12A GH800215/12A GH800230/12A GH806B40 GH806215

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