Siemens Compatible Aluminium Cooker Hood Grease Filter

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Siemens Compatible Aluminium Cooker Hood Grease Filter

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Length: 310mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below

LC48650GB/02, LC48650GB/01, LC47950GB/03, LC47950GB/02, LC47950GB/01, LC47650GB/03, LC47650GB/02, LC47650GB/01, LC956BC30/01, LC256BA30/01, LC257BA20/01, LC257BB40/01, LC257BB40/02, LC257BB40/03, LC41950/01, LC44950/01, LC45051GB/01, LC45620/01, LC45620/02, LC45620/03, LC45620/04, LC45620/05, LC45620/07, LC45620/08, LC45620SG/04, LC45620SG/05, LC45650/01, LC45650/02, LC45650/03, LC45650/04, LC45650/05, LC45650/07, LC45650GB/01, LC45650GB/02, LC45650GB/03, LC45650GB/04, LC45650GB/05, LC45650GB/06, LC45650GB/08, LC45650GB/09, LC45650SD/01, LC45650SD/02, LC45650SD/03, LC45650SD/04, LC45650SD/05, LC45650SD/07, LC45650SG/04, LC45650SG/05, LC45650SG/07, LC45651/02, LC45651/03, LC45651EU/01, LC45651EU/03, LC45651EU/05, LC45651EU/07, LC45651GB/01, LC45652EU/01, LC45652EU/02, LC45655SG/01, LC45660/01, LC45660/02, LC45660/03, LC45660/04, LC45660/05, LC45660/07, LC45665/01, LC45665/02, LC45665/03, LC45665/04, LC45665/05, LC45665/07, LC45670/01, LC45750/01, LC45750/03, LC45751/02, LC45751/03, LC45751GB/01, LC45920/01, LC45920/02, LC45920/03, LC45920/05, LC45920/06, LC45920/07, LC45920SG/01, LC45920SG/04, LC45920SG/05, LC45920SG/06, LC45950/01, LC45950/02, LC45950/03, LC45950/05, LC45950/06, LC45950GB/01, LC45950GB/02, LC45950GB/03, LC45950GB/05, LC45950GB/06, LC45950GB/07, LC45950SG/04, LC45950SG/05, LC45950SG/06, LC45951/01, LC45951/02, LC45951EU/01, LC45951EU/03, LC45951EU/05, LC45951GB/01, LC45952EU/01, LC48950GB/01, LC48950GB/02, LC46950GB/01, LC956BB40B/01, LC48950GB/03, LC953WA10B/01, LC47650/01, LC47650/02, LC47650/03, LC46650/01, LC46650/02, LC46650GB/01, LC46654/01, LC46954/01, LC47750/01, LC47750/02, LC47750/03, LC47956/01, LC47956/02, LC47956/03, LC954BA10/01, LC46657/01, LC46952/01, LC46952/02, LC46952/03, LC46672/01, LC46672/02, LC46756/01, LC46957/01, LC47656/01, LC47656/02, LC47656/03, LC47956/01, LC47956/02, LC47956/03, LC48955/01, LC48955/02, LC48955/03

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