Neff Dishwasher Mesh Micro Filter

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Neff Dishwasher Mesh Micro Filter

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below

We recommend the genuine Neff filter

S4409N1GB/03, S4430W2GB/01, S4431W0GB/07, S4433B1GB/01, S4433W0GB/01, S4433W1GB/01, S4443B6GB/01, S4443B6GB/13, S4443B6GB/14, S4443B6GB/15, S4443B6GB14, S4443N6GB/01, S4443N6GB/13, S4443N6GB/14, S4443N6GB/15, S4443S8GB/16, S4443W6GB/01, S4443W6GB/13, S4443W6GB/14, S4453N0GB/07, S4453N0GB/13, S4453N2GB/01, S4456N3GB/35, S4456N3GB/42, S4456N4GB/35, S4456S3GB/35, S4456W3GB/35, S4457N0GB/32, S4466N1GB/07, S4466N1GB/12, S45E55N0EU/35, S45E55N0EU/73, S4840X0GB/06, S5433X0GB/13, S5433X0GB/17, S5443X1GB/13, S5443X1GB/17, S5443X1GB/29, S5443X2GB/17, S5443X2GB/38, S5443X2GB/42, S5443X2GB/44, S5443X2UK/01, S5444X1GB/23, S5453X0GB/17, S5453X0GB/19, S5453X1GB/50, S5453X1GB/56, S5453X1GB/70, S5453X1GB/74, S5456X1GB/12, S5456X2GB/13, S5456X2GB/40, S5456X3GB/24, S5457X0GB/08, S54E53X1EU/74, S54E53X1EU/82, S54E53X1EU/93, S54E53X1GB/01, S54E53X1GB/82, S54E53X1GB/86, S54E53X1GB/90, S54E53X1GB/93, S54M43X0EP/01, S54M43X0EU/73, S54M43X0EU/82, S54M43X0EU/93, S54M45X2EU/74, S54M45X2EU/75, S54M45X2EU/86, S54M45X2EU/90, S54M45X4EU/70, S54M45X4EU/82, S54M45X4EU/86, S54M45X4EU/92, S54M45X4EU/93, S54M45X4EU/94, S54M45X5EU/70, S54M45X5EU/78, S54M45X5EU/82, S54M45X5EU/86, S54M45X5EU/93, S54M45X5EU/94, S54M45X5GB/01, S54M45X5GB/82, S54M45X5GB/86, S54M45X5GB/90, S54M45X5GB/93, S54M45X5GB/94, S54M45X5RU/01, S54M45X5RU/82, S54M45X5RU/86, S54M45X5RU/93, S54M45X5RU/94, S54M45X6EU/01, S54M45X6EU/82, S54M45X6EU/86, S54M45X6EU/92, S54M45X6EU/93, S54M45X6EU/94, S54M45X7EU/01, S54M45X7EU/82, S54M45X7EU/86, S54M45X7EU/93, S54M45X7EU/94, S54T59X0GB/07, S5543X1GB/13, S5543X1GB/17, S5543X2GB/17, S5543X2GB/38, S5553X0GB/13, S5555X0GB/40, S5555X0GB/90, S5943X0GB/08, S5946X0GB/10, S6409N1GB/11, S6409N2GB/11

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