Neff & Siemens Cooker Hood Carbon Filters 2 Pack

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Neff & Siemens Cooker Hood Carbon Filters 2 Pack

High quality carbon filters for select modles of Neff & Siemens cooker hoods that will create a fresher kitchen environment for you and your family. It does this by filtering the air to keep bad food odours at bay, while absorbing the grease residue left behind after use. We recommend that you replace your cooker hood carbon filters every 6 to 9 months.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Diameter: 210 mm ( Excluding tabs )
  • Height: 31 mm
  • Pack of 2
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below


D8012N0GB/01, D8602N0GB/01, D8602S0/07, D8602U0GB/04, D8600N0GB/01, D8602N0GB/03, D8602S0GB/01, D8602V0/01, D8602J0/01, D8602N0GB/04, D8602S0GB/03, D8602V0GB/01, D8602J0/03, D8602N0GB/05, D8602S0GB/04, D8602V0GB/03, D8602J0/04, D8602N0GB/06, D8602S0GB/05, D8602V0GB/04, D8602N0/01, D8602N0GB/07, D8602S0GB/06, D8602W0/01, D8602N0/03, D8602S0/01, D8602S0GB/07, D8602W0/03, D8602N0/04, D8602S0/03, D8602U0/01, D8602W0/04, D8602N0/06, D8602S0/04, D8602U0GB/01, D8602W0/06, D8602N0/07, D8602S0/06, D8602U0GB/03, D8602W0/07,D8602W0/08, D8702N0GB/06, D8902N0/03, D8902S0/03, D8602W0GB/01, D8702N0GB/07, D8902N0/04, D8902S0/04, D8602W0GB/03, D8702N0GB/08, D8902N0/05, D8902S0/05, D8602W0GB/04, D8712N0/01, D8902N0/06, D8902S0/06, D8602W0GB/05, D8712N0GB/01, D8902N0GB/01, D8902S0GB/01, D8602W0GB/06, D8902J0/01, D8902N0GB/03, D8902S0GB/03, D8602W0GB/07, D8902J0/03, D8902N0GB/04, D8902S0GB/04, D8612N0/01, D8902J0/04, D8902N0GB/05, D8902S0GB/06, D8612N0GB/01, D8902J0/05, D8902N0GB/06, D8902U0/01, D8702N0GB/01, D8902N0/01, D8902S0/01, D8902U0/03, D8902U0/05, D8902W0/04, D8902W0GB/05, D8908C0GB/01, D8902V0/01, D8902W0/05, D8902W0GB/06, D8908C0GB/02, D8902V0/03, D8902W0/06, D8908C0/01, D8908C0GB/03, D8902V0/04, D8902W0/07, D8908C0/02, D8912N0/01, D8902V0/05, D8902W0GB/01, D8908C0/03, D8912N0GB/01, D8902W0/01, D8902W0GB/03, D8908C0/05, DFX41, D8902W0/03, D8902W0GB/04, D8912N0GB, D8912NOGB/01, D8012NOGB, D8612N0GB, D8600N0GB, D66B20N0GB/01, Z5115X0(00), Z5115X0(01), Z5115X0(05), Z5115X1(00), Z5115X5(00), Z5115X5(03), Z5115X5(05), D8608C0/01, D8608C0/02, D8608C0/03, D8608C0/04, D8608C0/05, D8902S0GB/05, D66B20N0/01, D66B20S0GB/01, D66B20W0GB/01, D69B20N0/01, D69B20S0/01, D69B20W0/01, D8602N0GB/08, D8602W0GB/08, Z5115X0, D8900N0GB/01, D8002N0/01, D8002N0/02, D8002N0GB/01, D8600S0GB/01, D8600W0GB/01, D8600W0GB/02, D8900S0GB/01, D8900W0GB/01, D8900W0GB/02, D69B20N0GB/01, D69B20N0GB/02, D69B20S0GB/01, D69B20W0GB/01


LC45950GB/05, LC45950GB/06, LZ51400(00), LZ51450(00), LZ51451(00), LC45051GB/01, LC45951GB/01, LC45751GB/01, LC45651GB/01, LC45620/01, LC45620/02, LC45620/03, LC45620/06, LC45620SG/04, LC45620SG/05, LC45650/01, LC45650/02, LC45650/03, LC45650/04, LC45650/05, LC45650/06, LC45650GB/01, LC45650GB/02, LC45650GB/03, LC45650GB/04, LC45650GB/05, LC45650GB/06, LC45650GB/07, LC45650SD/01, LC45650SD/02, LC45650SD/03, LC45650SD/04, LC45650SD/05, LC45650SD/06, LC45650SG/04, LC45650SG/05, LC45650SG/06, LC45651EU/01, LC45651EU/03, LC45651EU/05, LC45660/01, LC45660/02, LC45660/03, LC45660/04, LC45660/05, LC45660/06, LC45665/01, LC45665/02, LC45665/03, LC45665/04, LC45665/05, LC45665/06, LC45670/01, LC45750/01, LC45750/02, LC45920/01, LC45920/02, LC45920/03, LC45920/06, LC45920SG/01, LC45920SG/04, LC45920SG/05, LC45920SG/06, LC45950/01, LC45950/02, LC45950/03, LC45950/06, LC45950GB/01, LC45950GB/02, LC45950GB/03, LC45950SG/04, LC45950SG/05, LC45950SG/06, LC45951EU/01, LC45951EU/03, LC45951EU/05, LC45960/01, LC45960/02, LC45960/03, LC45960/06, LC45965/06, LC41950/01, LC45620/07, LC45620/08, LC45650/07, LC45650SG/07, LC45651/01, LC45651/02, LC45651/03, LC45655SG/01, LC45660/07, LC45665/07, LC45750/03, LC45751/01, LC45751/02, LC45751/03, LC45920/07, LC45950GB/07, LC45951/01, LC45951/02, LC45955SG/01, LC624WA10/01, LZ51400, LC45650SG/06, LC45665/06, LC56650GB/01, LC653WA10B/01, LC953WA10B/01

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