Indesit Washing Machine Drain Pump Filter

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Indesit Washing Machine Drain Pump Filter

The drain pump filter helps to ensure those small objects do not reach and damage the pump in your washing machine.

This filter is suitable for many more models than we have listed below, send us a photo of your old filter and we can check if this is a suitable replacement.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below

GA10TP(DE), GA12TX(DE), GA8TP(DE), IWC8105B(EX)60HZ, IWDC6105(DE), IWDC6125(DE), IWDC6125(EU), IWDC6125(FR), IWDC6125S(FR), IWDC6125UK, IWDC6143UK, IWDC6145(DE), IWDC6145(EU), IWDC6145(FR), IWDC7085(EX), IWDC7085B(AG), IWDC7105(EX), IWDC7125S(EX), IWDC7145(DE), IWDC7145(EU), IWDC7145(FR), IWDD6105BECO, IWDD7123SUK, IWDD7123UK, IWDD7125B(DE), IWDD7143SUK, IWDD7143UK, IWDD7145B(DE), IWDE12(EU), IWDE12(EX), IWDE12UK, IWDE6105B(EU), IWDE71257B(RU), IWDE7125B(EX), IWDE7145B(EU), IWDE7145KUK, IWDE7145SUK, IWDE7168UK, IWUB4085(CIS), IWUB4105(CIS), IWUC4085(CIS), IWUC4105(CIS), IWUC4105(EU), IWUD4085(CIS), IWUD4105(CIS), IWUD4105(EU), IWUD4125(EU), IWUE4105(CIS), LISA100(FR), LISA111(FR), LNA1000(FR), LNA800(FR), LNA850(FR), LNA855(FR), LNA856(FR), PWDC7125W(EU), PWDC7142WUK, PWDC8127WUK, PWDE7124S(IT), PWDE7124W(EU), PWDE71257S(RU), PWDE7148W(EU), PWDE8147SUK, PWDE81480S(IT), PWDE81480W(FR), PWDE81480WUK, PWDE81680SUK, PWDE91473SUK, W101(EX), W103T(TK), W103UK, W103UK(BG), W103UK/A, W104(FR), W104(SP), W104TX(TK), W104TXS(BE), W104TXS(TK), W105(FR), W105(NL), W105TX(EX), W105TX(R)(BG), W105X(DE), W106X(DE), W106X1(DE), W107(FR), W108X(IT), W108X(SP), W113UK, W113UK/A, W113UK/B, W120(EU), W123(NL), W123SUK, W123UK, W123UK(BG), W123UK(BG)/M, W123UK(BG)/P, W123X(NL), W123X(NL)(BG), W124X(DE), W124X(NL), W125TX(CH), W125TX(EX), W125X(DE), W125X(FR), W125XS(DE), W126X(DE), W128X(FR), W128X(SP), W129X(FR), W12GE, W133SUK, W133UK, W143SUK, W143UK, W143X(NL), W144X(DE), W144X(NL), W144XS(NL), W145TX(CH), W145TX(EX), W145X(DE), W146X(DE), W146XS(DE), W14GE, W161UK, W165TX(EX), W165X(NL), W166X(DE), W16GE, W406PDI, W41(SP), W415TPDI, W43(AG), W43(EX), W43(FR), W43(IT), W43(SP), W431TX(EX), W431TX(EX)(BG), W431TX(EX)(TE), W432(PT), W432S(IT), W432XS(IT), W435(TP), W43T(AG), W43T(EX), W43X(IT), W43X(IT)(TE), W43X(SP), W44(IT), W443XG(IT), W44TXDI, W44X(IT), W44X(IT)(TE), W4521(E), W51(SP), W524(PT), W53(FR), W53(IT), W53(SP), W535(PT), W53T(EX), W543G(IT), W6(EX), W61(EX), W61TXDI, W63(EX), W63(FR), W63(IT), W63(SP), W63(TK), W63(Z), W630(FR), W634(PT), W63T(AUS), W63T(EX), W63T(EX)50-60HZ, W63X(IT), W63X(IT)(TE), W63X(SP), W64(IT), W642TX(EX), W642TX(EX)(BG), W642TX(EX)(TE), W646X(PT), W646XS(PT), W6521(E), W665TPI, W682XS(IT), W683XG(IT), W68X(IT), W68XS(IT), W73(FR), W81(EX), W83(DE), W83(FR), W83(NL), W83(SP), W83(TK), W83T(AUS), W83T(EX), W83T(TK), W83UK, W84(FR), W842XS(IT), W843XG(IT), W84T(TK), W84TX(EX), W84TX(EX)(BG), W84TX(EX)(TE), W84TX(TK), W84X(SP), W84XS(SP), W85(FR), W857(PT), W857XS(PT), W88X(IT), W93T(EX), W93UK, W93UK/A, W93UK/B, W9521(E), WA10(IT), WA10(PT), WA105UK, WA10X(IT), WA115UK, WA125UK, WA135UK, WA155UK, WA6(IT), WA6(PT), WA6X(IT), WA6XS(PT), WA8(IT), WA8(PT), WA8X(IT), WA8XS(IT), WA8XS(PT), WAP61(EX), WAS6X(IT), WAS8X(IT), WAT10(IT), WAT6(IT), WAT8(IT), WAX100(EX), WAX120UK, WAX120UK/M, WAX120UK/P, WAX80(EX), WD104T(EX), WD105T(CH), WD105T(EX), WD105T(EX)220-60, WD106(FR), WD10UK, WD118(SP), WD11UK, WD125T(EX), WD125TS(EX), WD12SUK, WD12UK, WD12XUK, WD1400(GE), WD14UK, WD84(EX), WD84T(EX), WD86(FR), WDE12UK, WDE12X, WDE12X(NL), WDG1095GH(G), WDS105T(R), WE10(EX), WE10(IT), WE10(IT)1, WE105X(EX), WE105X(R), WE106X(PT), WE109(FR), WE10UK, WE10XS(IT), WE11UK, WE12(DE), WE125X(EX), WE12S(DE), WE12SUK, WE12UK, WE12X(NL), WE13UK, WE14(DE), WE145X(EX), WE14S(DE), WE14SUK, WE14UK, WE14X(NL), WE14XS(NL), WE16(DE), WE16SUK, WE16UK, WE16X(NL), WE6(IT), WE6X(EX), WE8(EX), WE8(IT), WE8(IT)1, WE8X(EX), WE8X(R), WES8X(IT)1, WES9X(R), WG1020TP(TK), WG1030TX(DE), WG1030TXD, WG1031T1(R), WG1031TF, WG1031TP(R), WG1031TXC(TK), WG1031TXEU, WG1031TXO, WG1031TXR, WG1035TO, WG1035TX(EX), WG1035TX(R), WG1035TXC(R), WG1036TO, WG1037TP(F), WG1038TXC(E), WG1085WG, WG1085WG(), WG1086(G), WG1086G, WG1135TO, WG1138TXO, WG1180XD, WG1185BG, WG1185BG/1, WG1185WG, WG1185WG/1, WG1230(GF)G, WG1230(GH)G, WG1230TX(DE), WG1230TXD, WG1231TXEU, WG1231TXO, WG1232TX(E), WG1235TO, WG1235TX(EX), WG1237TX(FR), WG1238TXO, WG1239T(O), WG1285WG, WG1286(G), WG1286G, WG1286S(G), WG1286SG, WG1335TO, WG1336TO, WG1385WG, WG1386W(G), WG1431TXEU, WG1431TXO, WG1435TX(EX), WG1436T(G), WG1438TXO, WG2020WG, WG420P(OM), WG420P(RA), WG421TP(EX), WG421TP(OM)50-60, WG421TP(RA), WG422TP(OM), WG425E, WG425P(P), WG426TE, WG426TP(IT), WG426TP(P), WG426TPF, WG432TXI, WG434TX(R), WG434TXC(R), WG435PF, WG435TPI, WG436TPI, WG437TPEI, WG439TPS(IT), WG49TXS(IT), WG525PF, WG526T/1(E), WG526TE, WG526TPF, WG535TPI, WG623P(Z), WG625P(EX), WG625P(F), WG625TE, WG630TXI, WG634TX(OM), WG635TP(EX), WG636TPF, WG636TPI, WG67TXS(IT), WG735P(F), WG736TP(F), WG810P(TK), WG820PG, WG826TPF, WG830TPG, WG830TXC(D), WG830TXD, WG831TXC(TK), WG833PG, WG833TP(IT), WG834TXC(IT), WG835PF, WG835TXC(R), WG836TE, WG836TXC(E), WG837TXC(S), WG838TXC(P), WG839TXS(IT), WG839TXSC(IT), WG924PG, WG930TXD, WG935TP(EX), WG935TPF, WG937TP(F), WGA1036TX(BE), WGA1036TX(O), WGA1048TX(O), WGA1049TX(O), WGA1236TX(BE), WGA1236TX(O), WGA1248TX(O), WGA1249TX(O), WGD1034T(F), WGD1236TXR, WGS1038TX(U), WGS434TXI, WGS632TXI, WGS633TXI, WGS636TXR, WGS637TXEI, WGS638TX(U), WGS639TE(IT), WGS65TXGI, WGS68TG(IT), WGS69TS(IT), WGS838T(IT), WGS838T(R), WGS838TX(U), WH665TX(E), WH66TX(E), WH865TX(E), WH96TX(E), WI10(FR), WI100(TK), WI101(EX), WI101UK, WI102(AUS), WI102(CH), WI102(EU), WI102(EX), WI102(PL), WI104X(R), WI105(EX), WI11(FR), WI121UK, WI122(EU), WI122(EX), WI140B(DE)(CO), WI141UK, WI142(EU), WI40(IT), WI42(EX), WI42(KW), WI5(FR), WI52(EX), WI52(EX)60Hz, WI6(EU), WI60(IT), WI600(IT), WI60X(EX), WI61(EX), WI62(AUS), WI62(EX), WI62(KW), WI70(TK), WI8(EU), WI8(FR), WI80(TK), WI81(EX), WI82(AUS), WI82(EX), WI82(EX)60Hz, WI82(SING), WI84X(R), WIA100(CSI), WIA100(TK), WIA101(EU), WIA101(EX), WIA101UK, WIA102(CH), WIA102(CSI), WIA102(EX), WIA102(PL), WIA110(EU), WIA111UK, WIA121(EU), WIA121UK, WIA122(EX), WIA500(EU), WIA60(CSI), WIA60(TK), WIA600(EU), WIA602(EU), WIA61(IT), WIA62(CSI), WIA64(IT), WIA8(EU), WIA80(CSI), WIA80(TK), WIA81(EX), WIA82(CSI), WIA82(EX), WIA9(FR), WIAV60(IT), WIAV80(IT), WIB101UK, WIB111UK, WIDL106(EX)60HZ, WIDL126(EX), WIDL126S(DE), WIDXE126(DE), WIDXE146(DE), WIDXE146SUK, WIDXE146UK, WIDXL102UK, WIDXL106(EX), WIDXL106(EXP), WIDXL106(EXP)60HZ, WIDXL126(AUSP), WIDXL126(CH), WIDXL126(DE), WIDXL126(EX), WIDXL126S(DE), WIDXL126S(EX), WIDXL126SUK, WIDXL126UK, WIDXL146(DE), WIDXL146(EU), WIDXL146(FR), WIDXL146S(FR), WIDXL146UK, WIDXL86(AGP), WIDXL86(EX), WIDXL86(EXP), WIDXXL106(EU)C, WIDXXL126(EU)C, WIDXXL146(EU)C, WIE107(EX)(BG), WIE107(PL), WIE107XS(EX), WIE127S(DE), WIE127X(EX), WIE127XS(EX), WIE137SUK, WIE147(DE), WIE147(DE)(CO), WIE147(EU)(CO), WIE147UK, WIE147UK(CO), WIE147UKCO, WIE147X(EX), WIE148(NL), WIE157SUK, WIE167(DE), WIE167E(EU), WIE167UK, WIE168(NL), WIE87(PL), WIL102X(R), WIL103(CSI)(LIP), WIL103UK, WIL105(EX)(BG), WIL105(PL), WIL105S(EX), WIL105X(EX), WIL113UK, WIL113UK(BG), WIL113UK(TE), WIL113UKBG, WIL12(FR), WIL123SUK, WIL125X(EX), WIL126(IT), WIL13(FR)(CO), WIL133UK, WIL133UK(CO), WIL133UKCO, WIL14(FR), WIL14(FR)(CO), WIL14(NL)(CO), WIL1400OT(EU), WIL143(DE)(CO), WIL143SUK, WIL143UK, WIL144(NL), WIL144SPUK, WIL145(CH), WIL145(DE), WIL145(DE)(CO), WIL145(EU)(CO), WIL145(NL), WIL145X(EX), WIL146(NL), WIL146SP(IT)(CO), WIL153UK, WIL162(DE), WIL163(DE), WIL163SUK, WIL163UK, WIL164(NL), WIL165(DE), WIL165X(EX), WIL166(NL), WIL166SP(IT), WIL62X(EX), WIL63(PL), WIL82X(R), WIL83(CSI)(LIP), WIL85(EX)(BG), WIL85(PL), WIL85X(EX), WIL85XS(EX), WIL95(EX)(CO), WIN100(CSI), WIN101(EU), WIN101(EX), WIN102(CSI), WIN102(EX), WIN102(PL), WIN110(EU), WIN121(EU), WIN122(EX), WIN60(CSI), WIN62(CSI), WIN80(CSI), WIN81(EX), WIN82(CSI), WIS40(IT), WIS62(EX), WISA101(CSI), WISA61(CSI), WISA62(CSI), WISA81(CSI), WISA82(CSI), WISE10(CSI), WISE107(IT), WISE107(PL), WISE107S(EX), WISE107X(EX), WISE12(CSI), WISE127X(EX), WISE8(CSI), WISE87(PL), WISE87X(EU), WISL10(FR), WISL1000OT(EU), WISL102(CSI, WISL103(CSI), WISL105(PL), WISL105(SL)(CSI), WISL105X(EX), WISL106(IT), WISL125(DE), WISL125X(EX), WISL62(CSI), WISL62X(EX), 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WIXL105(EX), WIXL105(EX)60Hz, WIXL105(KW), WIXL105(SL)(CSI), WIXL106(EU), WIXL106(IT), WIXL12(FR), WIXL123SUK, WIXL123SUK.1, WIXL123SUK1, WIXL123UK, WIXL125(AUS), WIXL125(EX), WIXL125(ME), WIXL128(IT), WIXL143SUK, WIXL83(CSI), WIXL84(EX), WIXL85(EX), WIXL85(PL), WIXL85(SL)(CSI), WIXL86(EU), WIXL86(IT), WIXXL146(FR), WM12XUK, WME12X, WME6X, WP100(EX), WP41(IT), WP42(IT), WP62(EX), WP67(EX), WP80(EX), WS105TX(EX), WS431TX(EX), WS43X(IT), WS44X(IT), WS46TXDI, WS62TXDI, WS63X(IT), WS642TX(EX), WS64X(IT), WS682XS(IT), WS683XG(IT), WS68X(IT), WS84TX(EX), WS88X(IT), WT100(CSI), WT100(FR), WT102EX, WT102T(FR), WT112(FR), WT118(FR), WT119(FR), WT120(EX), WT124(FR), WT40EX, WT4IT, WT50EX, WT52(CSI), WT5IT, WT60(FR), WT62EX, WT62T(FR), WT65(EX), WT67(EU), WT6IT, WT70FR, WT80(CSI), WT80(FR), WT82EX, WT82TFR, WT90(CSI), WT92(FR)

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