Hoover H30S Purefilt Vacuum Dust Bags Arianne, Telios and Sensory

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Hoover H30S Purefilt Vacuum Dust Bags Arianne, Telios and Sensory

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Includes 5 x dust bags
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

Not Suitable for the Telios Pets or Extra Range

All Arianne Range T2000 - T2799, T2615, T2620, T2621, T2740, T2760
Athos TAT1000011, TAT2201011, TAT2401011, TAT2401021, TAT2421011, TAT2421021, TAT2521011
Discovery T6060 - T6078
Dustman TC4210, TC5212, TC5223, TC5238
Dust Manager TC5232
Eco G Pets
Enigma Power Cylinder range
Freemotion TFB2011, TF2112, TFB2223, TFB2242, TFB2283, TSE0100
Micro Power SC 100, SC 115, SC 120, SC 125, SC 150, SC 155
Micro Space SCT 30, SCT 35, SCT 45, SCT 46, SCT 48
Octopus TBO205, TBO 230 T6750, T6810
Purepower Cylinder Range TGP1410, TTP2210, TPP2310, TPP2311, TPP2320
ALL Sensory Range TS1613, TS1623, TS1625, TS1723 - TS1726, TS1823, TS1827, TS1830, TS1843, TS1844, TS1845, TS 1847, TS1873, TS1924 TS1942, TS1945 TS1947, TS1983, TS2024, TS2025, TS2045, TS2046, TS2060, TS2077, TS2079, TS2164, TS2264, TS2171, TS2275, TS2344, TS2359, TS2360001, TS2361
Silent Energy TSE0100
Telios Range including T4000 to T5899 TFB2010, TFB2112, TFB2113, TP6210, TP6214
TFC6253, TFC6283, TTE2203​, TTE2303,​ TTE2304, TE70TE11001. Telios Plus

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