Hoover Genuine Purepower H20 Vacuum Bags & Filter 5 Pack

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Hoover Genuine Purepower H20 Vacuum Bags & Filter 5 Pack

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Includes 5 x dust bags and 2 filters
  • Material: Paper
  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

These genuine dust bags are suitable for the Hoover models belowPurepower U3120, Purepower U3124, Purepower U3125, Purepower U3128, Purepower U3130, Purepower U3134, Purepower U3135, Purepower U3136, Purepower U3137, Purepower U3138, Purepower U3140, Purepower U3141, Purepower U3142, Purepower U3150, Purepower U3153, Purepower U3155, Purepower U3158, Purepower U3160, Purepower U3232, Purepower U3250, Purepower U3255, Purepower U3330, Purepower U3340, Purepower U3341, Purepower U3350, Purepower U3360, Purepower U3430, Purepower U3440, Purepower U3442, Purepower U3450, Purepower U3455, Purepower U3456, Purepower U3460, Purepower U3462, Purepower U3464, Purepower U3465, Purepower U3470, Purepower U3485, Purepower U3495, Purepower U3524, Purepower U3525, Purepower U3526, Purepower U3528, Purepower U3560, Purepower U3565, Purepower U3566, Purepower U3567, Purepower PU71PU0100, Enigma Power Upright Models Only


  • Type: H20
  • Genuine Hoover Consumable
  • High Filtration
  • Polybagged
  • Includes 5x Dust Bags and pre motor filter

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