Genuine Zanussi 2000W Fan Oven Cooker Element

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Genuine Zanussi 2000W Fan Oven Cooker Element

Oven elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split or bulge, but most likely the oven will not heat up and will be blowing out cold air.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.

Compare your element to the one in the photograph, Zanussi have used 3 different versions during production.


  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Outer Diameter: 192mm
  • Height: 270mm
  • Bracket Width: 70mm
  • Tags: 25mm
  • Genuine spare part

Compare your element to the one in the photograph, Zanussi have used 3 different versions during production.

Suitable for:

6110FW, 6110F-W, 6130V M, 6130V-M, 6130V-W, BM902NE, BM91EW, BM96EN, BM96EW, BM96EX, BMF849AK, BMF849MR, BMF849N, BMF849W, BMF849X, BMS641A, BMS641A2, BMS641N, BMS641N2, BMS641W, BMS641W2, BMS641X, BMS641X2, BMS641XI, BMS641Y, BMS641Y2, BMS841N, BMS841W, BMS841X, BMS949XS, BST6A, BST6N, BST6W, BST6Y, EON866W, FBI553B, FBI553W, HM216AL, HM216B, HM216S, HM216W, HM216X, HM497E, HM497EN, HM497EW, HM497EX, MWB3000E, MWB3050E, MWH2000, MWH2050, MWH4000E, MWH4050E, WIZARD, WIZMBLACK, Z791BI, Z791BP, Z791MI, Z791MP, Z984B1/1, Z984BI, Z984BP, Z984BP/1, Z984NI, Z984NP, Z984NP/1, Z984SI, Z984SI/1, Z984SP, Z984SP/1, Z984X1, Z984X1/1, Z984XP, Z984XP/1, Z994B, Z994N, Z994N/1, Z994W, ZBC741N, ZBC741N1, ZBC741R, ZBC741W, ZBC741W1, ZBC745N, ZBC745W, ZBC762C, ZBC762N, ZBC762W, ZBC848C, ZBC848CU, ZBC848G, ZBC981N, ZBC981X, ZBF260W, ZBF260X, ZBF360B, ZBF360W, ZBF360X, ZBF660B, ZBF660N, ZBF660W, ZBF660X, ZBF669SW, ZBF669SX, ZBF859N, ZBF859W, ZBF859X, ZBF860B, ZBF860W, ZBF860X, ZBF863B, ZBF863W, ZBF865A, ZBF865B, ZBF865N, ZBF865W, ZBF865X, ZBF865Y, ZBM150X, ZBM170LX, ZBM170X, ZBM742N, ZBM742W, ZBM742X, ZBM761N, ZBM761N/1, ZBM761SN, ZBM761SN1, ZBM761SW, ZBM761SW1, ZBM761SX, ZBM761SX1, ZBM761W, ZBM761W/1, ZBM761X/1, ZBM762B, ZBM762B1, ZBM762N, ZBM762N1, ZBM762W, ZBM762W1, ZBM762X, ZBM762X1, ZBM764N, ZBM764W, ZBM764X, ZBM770N, ZBM770W, ZBM770X, ZBM773N, ZBM773W, ZBM773X, ZBM775N, ZBM775W, ZBM775X, ZBM785XX, ZBM841N, ZBM841W, ZBM841X, ZBM861SX, ZBM871SX, ZBM878B, ZBM878N, ZBM878W, ZBM878X, ZBM879SB, ZBM879SW, ZBM879SX, ZBM890B, ZBM890W, ZBM972ALU, ZBM973ALU, ZBM973X, ZBM974ALU, ZBQ365 X, ZBQ365B, ZBQ365N, ZBQ365W, ZBQ631N, ZBQ631W, ZBQ631X, ZBQ665ALU, ZBQ665ALUR, ZBQ665N, ZBQ665W, ZBQ665X, ZBQ665XR, ZBQ861A, ZBQ861N, ZBQ861W, ZBQ861X, ZBQ861Y, ZBQ961SALU, ZBQ961SN, ZBQ961SW, ZBQ961SX, ZBQ965ALU, ZBQ965ALUR, ZBQ965N, ZBQ965W, ZBQ965X, ZBQ965XR, ZBQ974ALU, ZBQ974N, ZBQ974W, ZBQ974X, ZBS663 X, ZBS705B, ZBS705W, ZBS772X, ZBS773A, ZBS773X, ZBS773Y, ZBS862XS, ZBS869N, ZBS869W, ZBS869X, ZBS963X, ZBV848G, ZC615CE, ZC616CE, ZC616HIT, ZCB50, ZCB70, ZCE610X, ZCE611X, ZCE620X, ZCE630X, ZCE631X, ZCE700X, ZCG75DCN, ZCG75DCX, ZCM5000, ZCM500W, ZCM610X, ZCM611X, ZCM620X, ZCM630X, ZCM631X, ZCM700X, ZCM75DCN, ZCM75DCX, ZCM75XV, ZCV6650X, ZCW50, ZCW70, ZDC888C, ZDC888G, ZDF86, ZDF866B, ZDF866W, ZDF866X, ZDM86, ZDM868B, ZDM868W, ZDM869X, ZDM891B, ZDM891W, ZE70B, ZE70N, ZE71B, ZE71N, ZE80I, ZE81I, ZGF5161GVH, ZH84N/ZHM, ZH84W/ZHM, ZH84X/ZHM, ZHC741PN, ZHC761PN, ZHC762PC, ZHC762PN, ZHC762PW, ZHM733IN, ZHM733IX, ZHM733N, ZHM733W, ZHM733X, ZHM753IN, ZHM753IW, ZHM753IX, ZHM761B, ZHM761M, ZHM761N, ZHM761PN, ZHM761PN/1, ZHM761PN/I, ZHM761PW, ZHM761PW/1, ZHM761PW/I, ZHM761PX/I, ZHM761W, ZHM761X, ZHM762PN, ZHM762PW, ZHM762PX, ZHM773N, ZHM773W, ZHM773X, ZHM833IN, ZHM833IW, ZHM833IWA, ZHM833IX, ZHM833IXA, ZHQ631N, ZHQ631W, ZHQ631X, ZHQ861N, ZHQ861W, ZHQ861X, ZKB7238B, ZKB7238S, ZKB7238W, ZKB7238X, ZKB7429DX, ZKF5363L, ZM770W, ZM775W, ZMV870W, ZMV870X, ZMV875W, ZMV875X, ZOA5, ZOA5VAP, ZOB 7 SO, ZOB5, ZOB5K, ZOB661QN, ZOB661QW, ZOB661QX, ZOB671QN, ZOB671QW, ZOB671QX, ZOB7, ZOB7SO, ZOB851QX, ZOB861SX, ZOB881QA, ZOB881QN, ZOB881QW, ZOB881QX, ZOB882QN, ZOB882QW, ZOB882QX, ZOB991QLX, ZOC7, ZOS5, ZOS5/1, ZOS51, ZOS5K, ZOS7, ZOS71L, ZOU652IN, ZOU652INH, ZOU652IW, ZOU652IWH, ZOU652IX, ZOU652IXH, ZOU660IX, ZOU660XI, ZOU851X, ZOU853A, ZOU853B, ZOU853W, ZOU853X, ZOU881A, ZOU881B, ZOU881W, ZOU881X, ZOU882QN, ZOU882QW, ZOU882QX, ZOU883ALU, ZOU883QA, ZOU883QX, ZOU883X, ZOW5, ZOW5/1, ZOW7, ZPB9, ZPW9

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