Genuine Tefal Actifry Motor & Transmission Shaft

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Genuine Tefal Actifry Motor & Transmission Shaft

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

Please check the block connector on your faulty motor is the same as the one in the photo as Tefal have used two different types during production.

AH90000012A, AH90000012B, AH90000012C, AH90000112A, AH90000112B, AH90000112C, AH90000212A, AH90000212B, AH90000212C, AH90000312A, AH90001512A, AH90001512B, AH90001512C, AH90003012A, AH90003012B, AH90003012C, AH90003112A, AH90003112B, AH90003112C, AH90003212A, AH90003212B, AH90003212C, AH90003312A, AH90003312B, AH90003312C, AH90003412A, AH90003412B, AH90003412C, AH90003512A, AH90003512B, AH90003512C, AH90003612A, AH90003612B, AH90003612C, AH90003712A, AH90003712B, AH90003712C, AH90003812A, AH90003812B, AH90003812C, AH90003912A, AH90003912B, AH90003912C, AH90007112A, AH90007112B, AH90007112C, AH90007212A, AH90007212B, AH90007212C, AH90023312A, AL80000012B, AL80000012C, AL80003012A, AL80010012, AL80400012A, AL80620012A, AW95000012A, AW95000012B, AW95000012C, AW95001612A, AW95001612B, AW95001612C, AW95004012A, AW95004012B, AW95005012A, AW95005012B, AW95005012C, AW95006612A, AW95006712A, FZ70000012A, FZ70000012B, FZ70000012C, FZ70000012D, FZ70000012E, FZ70000112A, FZ70000112B, FZ70000112C, FZ70000112D, FZ70000112E, FZ70000112F, FZ70000112G, FZ70001512A, FZ70001512B, FZ70001512C, FZ70001512D, FZ70001512E, FZ70001512F, FZ70001612A, FZ70001612B, FZ70001612C, FZ70001612D, FZ70001612E, FZ70003112A, FZ70003112B, FZ70003112C, FZ70003112D, FZ70003112E, FZ70003112F, FZ70003212A, FZ70003212B, FZ70003212C, FZ70003212D, FZ70003212E, FZ70003212F, FZ70003312A, FZ70003312B, FZ70003312C, FZ70003312D, FZ70003312E, FZ70003312F, FZ70003412A, FZ70003412B, FZ70003412C, FZ70003412D, FZ70003412E, FZ70003412F, FZ70003512A, FZ70003512B, FZ70003512C, FZ70003512D, FZ70003512E, FZ70003512F, FZ70003612A, FZ70003612B, FZ70003612C, FZ70003612D, FZ70003612E, FZ70003612F, FZ70003712A, FZ70003712B, FZ70003712C, FZ70003712D, FZ70003712E, FZ70003712F, FZ70003812A, FZ70003812B, FZ70003812C, FZ70003812D, FZ70003812E, FZ70003812F, FZ70003912A, FZ70003912B, FZ70003912C, FZ70003912D, FZ70003912E, FZ70003912F, FZ70004012A, FZ70004012B, FZ70004012C, FZ70004012D, FZ70004012E, FZ70004112A, FZ70004112B, FZ70005512A, FZ70005512B, FZ70005612A, FZ70005612B, FZ70005612C, FZ70007012A, FZ70007012B, FZ70007012C, FZ70007012D, FZ70007012E, FZ70007112A, FZ70007112B, FZ70007112C, FZ70007112D, FZ70007112E, FZ70007212A, FZ70007212B, FZ70007212C, FZ70007212F, FZ70010012A, FZ70010012B, FZ70010012C, FZ70010012D, FZ70010012E, FZ70010012F, FZ70010112A, FZ70010112B, FZ70010112C, FZ70010112D, FZ70010212A, FZ70020012A, FZ70020012B, FZ70020012C, FZ70020112A, FZ70020112B, FZ70020112C, FZ70021512A, FZ70021512B, FZ70021512C, FZ70023012A, FZ70023012B, FZ70023012C, FZ70023112A, FZ70023112B, FZ70023112C, FZ70023212A, FZ70023212B, FZ70023212C, FZ70023312A, FZ70023312B, FZ70023312C, FZ70023412A, FZ70023412B, FZ70023512A, FZ70023512B, FZ70023612A, FZ70023612B, FZ70023612C, FZ70023712A, FZ70023712B, FZ70027012A, FZ70027012B, GH80000012A, GH80000012B, GH80001512A, GH80001512B, GH80001612A, GH80003012A, GH80003012B, GH80003112A, GH80003112B, GH80003212A, GH80003212B, GH80007012A, GH80007012B, GH80007012C, GH80020012A, GH80021512A, GH80023012A, GH80023012B, GH80620012A, GH80621212A, YV96000012A, YV96001512A, YV96003212A, YV96010012A, YV96011512A, YV96011612A, YV96012012A, YV96012712A, YV96012912A, YV96013012A, YV96013312A, YV96013612A, YV96014012A, YV96017112A, YV9601TR12A, ZV97010012A, AH90000012D, AH90000012E, AH90000112D, AH90000112E, AH90000212D, AH90000212E, AH90001512D, AH90001512E, AH90003012D, AH90003012E, AH90003112D, AH90003112E, AH90003212D, AH90003212E, AH90003312D, AH90003312E, AH90003412D, AH90003412E, AH90003512D, AH90003512E, AH90003612D, AH90003612E, AH90003712D, AH90003712E, AH90003812D, AH90003812E, AH90003912D, AH90003912E, AH90007112D, AH90007112E, AH90007212D, AH90007212E, AH90021112A, AH90021112B, AH90024012A, AH90024012B, AW95001712A, AW95005012D, AW950B5012A, FZ70005512C

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