Genuine Smeg Dishwasher Door Lock Assembly

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Genuine Smeg Dishwasher Door Lock Assembly

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

1014780001, 2941000, 2941001, 2970906, BIS2044PFXX, BIS2639EWW, BIS2639EXS, BIS2644CWW, BOLF147/B, BOLF147/S, BOLT136/E, BOLT156/E, BOLT157/E, COFRDI60EC, DB0614EO-1161, DD13E2, DD612, DF12E1BL, DF12E1SV, DF12E1WH, DF13E2SV, DF13E2WH, DF13EF2WH, DF13EF2X, DF13FAB3BL, DF13FAB3CR, DF13TF3X, DF292DSW, DF612AEW, DF612SVE, DF613PBL, DF613PW, DF613PX, DF614PTX, DFA12E1W, DFA13T3X, DFD13E1WH, DFD13E2X, DFD13TP3X, DFD211DSW, DFD6132X-2, DFD6133WH-2, DI12E1, DI13EF2, DI13FAB3BL, DI13FAB3CR, DI13M2, DI13TF3, DI6021, DI612E1, DI613PMAX, DI6FABWH, DIA13M2, DID13E2, DID13TP3, DV132J, DV132JA, DV132JC, DV132JL, DVH1323JC, DVH1323XC, DW-126W, DW-221S, DW-332, DW-352, DW650F, DW670S, DW698B, DW698S, DW6QSSA, DW6QSSA-1, DW6QWSA-1, DW7QSWSA, DW7QSXSA, DW7QSXSA-1, DW88SG, DW8QSDXSA, DW8QSDXSA-1, DW999BI, DW99SG, DW9QSDXSA-1, DWA6214B2, DWA6214S, DWA6214S2, DWA6214W, DWA6214W2, DWA6214X, DWA6214X2, DWA6314B, DWA6314B2, DWA6314W, DWA6314W2, DWA6314X, DWA6314X2, DWA6315W, DWA6315W2, DWA6315X, DWA6315X1, DWA6315X2, DWA6315X3, DWA6D15X, DWA6D15X3, DWAFI6214-2, DWAFI6314-2, DWAFI6315T2, DWAFI6315T3, DWAFI6D15T3, DWAI6214X, DWAI6214X2, DWAI6314X, DWAI6314X2, DWAI6315XT, DWAI6315XT2, DWAI6315XT3, DWAI6D15XT, DWAI6D15XT3, DWAU6214X, DWAU6214X2, DWAU6314X, DWAU6314X2, DWAU6315X, DWAU6315X2, DWAU6315X3, DWAU6315XT, DWAU6D15XT, DWAU6D15XT3, DWI7QSA-1, DWI9QDLSA-1, DWIFABB2, DWIFABNE2, DWIFABP2, DWIFABR2, DWL70SFICN, DWL70SFIIL, DWXL70SFIL, ECBDW-FI71450Z, ELB2112, ELB2112-1, ELB4142, ELB4142-1, ELBA2030SS, ELBA2030SS-1, ELBA2030WW, EXP833ERT, F89088VI-M, F89088VI-S, FDW612EHLA+*S, FDW82103.1, FDW8291.1, FDW8292.1, FDW9093.1, FLFDW7-1310X, FLSIDW7-1410X, FPDW82103XX, FSDW-71210SX, GALAXY600, GHEDW1013S, GHEDW60BI, GSI6010E, GSI6020E, GSV6010, GSV6020, IM6013, KDW24, KDW24-OV, KDW24-XX, LP364XS, LP364XT, LS133B, LS133N, LS134X, LS13B-3, LS13B-4, LS13N-3, LS13N-4, LS13X-3, LS13X-4, LSAP8648X, LSFI60/01-FM, LSFI61LUX-FM, LSP222BIN, LSP222BIT, LSP222NIN, LSP222NIT, LSP222XIN, LSP222XIT, LSP223XIN, LSP2324XDE, LSP33XIEX, LSP364CEX, LSP4323XDE, LSP4325BSK, LSP4325XDE, LSP4325XSK, LSP4326XDE, LSP4338XDE, LSP433PXIN, LSP433XIT, LSP6222SK, LSP82324XSK, LV612BLE, LV612SVE, LV612WE, LVFABBL2, LVFABCR2, LVFABPB2, LVFABRD2, LVS112BIN, LVS112BIT, LVS112SIT, LVS2122BIN, LVS2122SIN, LVS2122SXES, LVS2124SMX, LVS2125BIN, LVS2125SIN, LVS2125SXES, LVS212BAR, LVS212BARK, LVS212SAR, LVS222BIN, LVS222BIT, LVS222NIN, LVS222NIT, LVS222SIN, LVS222SXIT, LVS222XIN, LVS223SIN, LVS22SIEX, LVS2323BIN, LVS293DEX, LVS319B-AR, LVS3222BIN, LVS322PXIN, LVS322PXIT, LVS322SIT, LVS322XIT, LVS323EU, LVS323PXIN, LVS32SIEX, LVS343BEX, LVS344BQX, LVS354CX, LVS372CXEU, LVS373CEX, LVS4132BARK, LVS4132XAR, LVS4132XARK, LVS4134XARK, LVS4322BIN, LVS4322XIN, LVS432BIT, LVS432BPT, LVS432NIN, LVS432NIT, LVS432XIN, LVS432XIT, LVS432XPT, LVS4334BIN, LVS4334XIN, LVS4339XUE, LVS433NIN, LVS433PXIT, LVS433STPXIN, LVS433XIN, LVS433XUE, LVS532XIN, LVS533PXIN, MIDW13D, MIDW13S, PL2123NIN, PL2123XIN, PL212XAR, PL2212GTW, PL2324XDE, PL234CXDE, PL252CSDE, PL324BQXDE, PL3326TX, PL4123XIN, PL4323XDE, PL4325XIN, PL4326XDE, PL4338XDE, PL5222B, PL5222N, PL5222X, PL5335N, PL5335X, PL6222XC, PL65222BIN, PL65222NIN, PL65222XIN, PL65233XIN, PL65337NIN, PL65337XIN, PL7233TX, PL7233WTX, SM7700FI, SPFDW7-1310X, ST1090FI, ST211DS, ST22123, ST22123FR, ST2FABBL2, ST2FABCR2, ST2FABPK2, ST2FABRD2, ST2FABWH, ST2FABWH2, ST311CS, ST313EXP, ST3326L, ST3326LNL, ST3328L, ST3337L, ST3339L, ST352BLEU, ST363CL, ST381CEU, ST382C, ST421-IL, ST42322DE, ST5121, ST512AR, ST512LAR, ST512LAR1, ST521-AR, ST5222, ST5223UE, ST522NL, ST5233, ST523CC, ST523EU, ST5324L, ST5332UE, ST5335L, ST533CC, ST533EU, ST5343L, ST562NL, ST612, ST612-1, ST6120, ST6120C, ST6121, ST6122, ST615, ST615-1, ST615-2, ST6152, ST617, ST617-1, ST6172, ST6221-AR, ST647SA-1, ST649T-1, ST65120, ST65221, ST65221K, ST65225L, ST65232, ST65325L, ST65336L, ST733TL-2, ST868TL-2, STA6442LF, STA6444LF2, STA6449, STA64LFR, STB13OL, STE8239L, STE8242L, STE8244L, STE8639L, STE8642L, STE8644L, STEELST1060FI, STFABUBL-1, STFABUCR-1, STFABUPB-1, STFABURD-1, STFABUWH, STL22124, STL22124FR, STL2323DE, STL232CL, STL2501CFR, STL251C, STL251CDE, STL252CLFR, STL26123, STL272D, STL281DS, STL323BQLDE, STL323BQLH, STL332CLFR, STL333CL, STL42324DE, STL46324DE, STL6211FR, STL62124FR, STL62125FR, STL62324LDE, STL62324LFR, STL62324LFR1, STL62325LFR, STL62335L, STL62335LFR, STL62336LDE, STL62337LDE, STL62337LFR, STL62338LFR, STL62339LDE, STL6233LTW, STL66322L, STL66322LIN, STL66324L, STL66335LDE, STL66336LDE, STL66337L, STL66337LDE, STL66338LDE, STL66339LDE, STL67120, STL67220, STL67221, STL67223L, STL67230, STL67232, STL67237L, STL67328L, STL67336L, STL67339L, STL7221L, STL7224L, STL7231L, STL7233L, STL7235L, STL7235LL, STL7621L, STL7633L, STL7633LFR, STM8649P, STM8649X, STP364S, STP364T, STP522, STP523, STP533L, STP66221, STP66232, STP66325L, STP66339L, STPE8645S, STR633L, STU8249, STU8642, STU8647, STU8647X, STU8649, STU8649X, STX13OL, STX13OL1, STX3CL1

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