Genuine Samsung Washing Machine Drum Lifter Paddle

SamsungStock Number: NS22266

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Genuine Samsung Washing Machine Drum Lifter Paddle

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

WD806U4SAGD/EU, WC1704YPV, WD0804Y8E-XEN, WD0804Y8E/XEN, WD0814Y8E/XEN, WD1702RJV1/XEF, WD806P4SAWQ/EN, WD80J5430AW, WD80J5430AW/EF, WD80J6400AW/EN, WD80J6410AW/EF, WD80M4B53JW/EF, WD816P4SAWQ/EN, WD81J6400AW/EN, WD8704EJF/XAG, WD8704EJF/XEN, WD8704RJA/XEU, WD8714EJF/XEN, WD906P4SAWQ/EG, WD90K5410OW/EF, WD90K5B10OW/EF, WD91J6400AW/EN, WF0704, WF0704F7V, WF0704F7V/XEN, WF0704F7W, WF0704F7W/XEN, WF0704W7V/XEF, WF0704Y7E, WF0704Y7E/XEN, WF0714, WF0714F7V/XEN, WF0714Y7E/XEN, WF0804, WF0804W8E1/XSP, WF0804Y8E/XEN, WF0804Y8E1/XEF, WF0806Z8C/XEN, WF0806Z8C3/XEN, WF0806Z8E, WF0806Z8E/XEN, WF0806Z8W/XEN, WF0806Z8W3/XEN, WF0814Y8E/XEN, WF0816Z8E/XEN, WF0816Z8W3/XEN, WF10724-XEG, WF10734Y8E-XEG, WF10794Y8E/XEG, WF10824-XEG, WF10826-XEG, WF1604YKE/XEN, WF1700, WF1702, WF1704YPC, WF1704YPC/XEN, WF1704YPC2/XEN, WF1704YPV/XEN, WF1704YPV2/XEN, WF1704YSW, WF1704YSW/XEN, WF1704YSW2/XEN, WF1714YPC/XEN, WF1714YPV/XEN, WF1714YSW/XEN, WF1802WSW/XEF, WF1804WSV/XEF, WF1804YPC2/XEN, WF1814YPC2/XEN, WF3724YSV-XEG, WF3724YSV2-XEG, WF3734, WF80F5E0N2W/EF, WF8704LSW1/XEF, WF8802LPS/XEF, WF8814ASV/XEN, WF9902AWE/XEF, WW80J3267KW/EF

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