Genuine Indesit Oven Thermostat

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Genuine Indesit Oven Thermostat

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp if you need assistance.


  • Type: EGO 55.17052.080
  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

FE10KC(BK)GB, FE10KC(WH)GB, FI21K.BBKGB, FI21K.BIXGB, FI21K.BWHGB, FI31K.B(BK), FI31K.B(WH), FI31K.BIXGB, FIE36K.B(BK), FIE36K.B(WH), FIE36K.BIXGB, FIE56K.B(BK), FIE56K.B(WH), FIE56K.BIXGB, FM20KC(IX)GB, FV10KB(IX)GB, FV20KB(WH)GB, F074082 (70FIM20K.ABK), F074084 (70FIM20K.AIX), F074087 (70FIM53K.AIX), F074086 (70FIMS20K.AIX), F074088 (70FIMS53K.AIX), F079339 (7OFIM20K.ABK), F079341 (7OFIM20K.AIX), F079343 (7OFIM53K.AIX), F079342 (7OFIMS20KAIX), F067938 (7OIF610K.AIXRU), F067939 (7OIF617K.AIXRU), F067940 (7OIF737K.AIXRU), F079340 (7OIF737KAIXRU), F079657 (BIG51KAIXGB), F080522 (BIG51KAIXGBS), F079660 (BIG53KAIXGB), F080524 (BIG53KAIXGBS), F086547 (BIG73JKC.AIXGB), F086547 (BIG73JKCAIXG), F079659 (BIG73KC.AIXG), F079659 (BIG73KC.AIXGB), F080523 (BIG73KCAIXS), F079662 (BIMS31KABIX), F080526 (BIMS31KABIXS), F079652 (BIMS53K.ABIX ), F080521 (BIMS53KABIXS), F079366 (BIMS53KAIXGB), F079370 (CIM53KCAIXGB), F079369 (CIMS51KAIXGB), F079371 (DIM51K.AIXGB), F088362 (DIM732JK.AIX), F086545 (DIMNS53KCAIX), F086545 (DIMNS53KCAIXGB), F079372 (DIMS53KCAIX), F082150 (FA217JK.AIX), F082149 (FA557JK.AIX), F082148 (FA757JK.AIX), F028971 (FE10K.C(BK)), F028911 (FE10K.C(BK)GB), F028912 (FE10K.C(WH)GB), F028972 (FE10K.CIX), F027327 (FE10KBK.1), F068676 (FI20K.A(BK)), F065877 (FI20K.AIX), F033892 (FI20K.B(BK)), F033893 (FI20K.BIX), F034014 (FI21K.B(BK)GB), F034013 (FI21K.B(WH)GB), F034012 (FI21K.BIXGB), F068931 (FI23K.ABK), F068939 (FI23K.AIX), F068932 (FI23K.AWH), F056740 (FI23K.B(BK)), F056741 (FI23K.B(WH)), F068935 (FI23KC.ABK), F068938 (FI23KC.AIX), F068937 (FI23KC.AWH), F056742 (FI23KC.B(BK)), F056743 (FI23KC.B(WH)), F038975 (FI26K.B(BK)), F038976 (FI26K.B(WH)), F038977 (FI26KC.B(BK)), F038978 (FI26KC.B(WH)), F034016 (FI31K.B(BK)GB), F034017 (FI31K.B(WH)GB), F034015 (FI31K.BIXGB), F065876 (FI51K.AIX), F047535 (FI51K.B(WH)), F033897 (FI51K.BIX), F055489 (FI51K.BIXCR), F068933 (FI53K.AIX), F066527 (FI53KAIXBKUK), F068940 (FI53KC.ABK), F068942 (FI53KC.AIX), F068941 (FI53KC.AWH), F056745 (FI53KC.B(BK)), F056746 (FI53KC.B(WH)), F056747 (FI53KC.BIX), F038980 (FI56K.BIX), F038981 (FI56KC.B(BK)), F038982 (FI56KC.B(WH)), F038983 (FI56KC.BIX), F034020 (FIE36K.B(BK)GB), F034019 (FIE36K.B(WH)GB), F034018 (FIE36K.BIXGB), F054255 (FIE36KBBKGB1), F054259 (FIE36KBIXGB1), F054258 (FIE36KBWHGB1), F056748 (FIE53K.BIXTD), F056749 (FIE53KC.BIXIB), F034023 (FIE56K.B(BK)GB), F034022 (FIE56K.B(WH)GB), F034021 (FIE56K.BIXGB), F046872 (FIE56K.BIXTD), F054260 (FIE56KBBKGB1), F054262 (FIE56KBIXGB1), F054261 (FIE56KBWHGB1), F034366 (FIE56KC.BIXIB), F033901 (FIE61K.A(AN)), F033902 (FIE61K.AIX), F042725 (FIE61KIXAUS), F056750 (FIE73K.AIX), F056751 (FIE73KCIXNZ), F033903 (FIE76K.AIX), F048828 (FIE76KC.AIXG), F048828 (FIE76KC.AIXGB), F054263 (FIE76KCAXGB1), F036102 (FIE76KCIXNZ), F074026 (FIM20K.A(BK)), F074027 (FIM20K.A(WH)), F074028 (FIM20K.AIX), F085321 (FIM20K.AIXCN), F101644 (FIM20K.AIXS), F080765 (FIM20K.AWHS), F080764 (FIM20KABKS), F080766 (FIM20KAIXS), F074215 (FIM21K.BBK-T), F079346 (FIM21K.BWHGB), F074216 (FIM21K.BWHT), F079347 (FIM21KB(BK)GB), F074214 (FIM21KBIX(T)), F079345 (FIM21KBIXGB), F074031 (FIM23KAIX), F079348 (FIM31K.ABKGB), F074217 (FIM31K.ABK-T), F079350 (FIM31K.AIXGB), F074218 (FIM31K.AIX-T), F074219 (FIM31K.AWH-T), F079349 (FIM31KAWHGB), F079352 (FIM33K.ABKGB), F074221 (FIM33K.ABKT), F079351 (FIM33K.AIXGB), F074220 (FIM33K.AIX-T), F079353 (FIM33K.AWHGB), F074222 (FIM33K.AWHT), F074032 (FIM51K.A(BK)), F077722 (FIM51K.A(BK)(EE)), F079361 (FIM51K.A(BK)EE), F080768 (FIM51K.ABKS), F074046 (FIM51K.AIX), F080778 (FIM51K.AIXS), F101645 (FIM51K.AIXS), F074033 (FIM51K.AWH), F079362 (FIM51K.AWHEE), F087942 (FIM51K0WHEE), F080769 (FIM51KAWHS), F084793 (FIM532JK.AIXPL), F088367 (FIM53JK0IX), F084795 (FIM53JKABK), F084795 (FIM53JKABKUK), F074035 (FIM53K.ABK), F087675 (FIM53K.ABKEE), F079355 (FIM53K.ABKGB), F080771 (FIM53K.ABKS), F074224 (FIM53K.ABKT), F074037 (FIM53K.AIX), F079354 (FIM53K.AIXGB), F074223 (FIM53K.AIX-T), F074036 (FIM53K.AWH), F079357 (FIM53K.AWHGB), F080772 (FIM53K.AWHS), F074225 (FIM53K.AWHT), F087943 (FIM53K0WHS), F080773 (FIM53KAIXS), F074038 (FIM53KC.A(BK)), F074039 (FIM53KC.A(WH)), F089422 (FIM53KC.A0IXS), F087801 (FIM53KC.ABL.1), F083884 (FIM53KC.ABLS), F074040 (FIM53KC.AIX), F080774 (FIM53KCABKS), F080776 (FIM53KCAIXS), F074041 (FIM61K.AIX), F080777 (FIM61K.AIXS), F103879 (FIM61K.AIXS), F074483 (FIM63K.AIX), F080788 (FIM63K.AIXS), F074042 (FIM734K.AIX), F079384 (FIM734K.AIX), F077150 (FIM738K.AIX), F079383 (FIM738KAIXEE), F074226 (FIM73KC.AIXT), F079358 (FIM73KCAIXGB), F085357 (FIM831KAIXEE), F084794 (FIM832JK.AIXPL), F077721 (FIMB 20K.AIXEE), F079360 (FIMB20K.AIX(EE)), F076933 (FIMB51K.AIX), F079373 (FIMB51K.AIX(PL)), F077097 (FIMB53K.AIXPL), F079359 (FIMB53K.AIXPL), F079363 (FIMB63K.AIX(EE)), F077724 (FIMB63K.AIXEE), F087944 (FIMB63K0IXEE), F079364 (FIMB73K.AIXEE), F074481 (FIMS20K.AAX), F080786 (FIMS20K.AAXS), F088347 (FIMS20KCAIXS), F080783 (FIMS51K.A(WH)AUSS), F074482 (FIMS51K.AAX), F080787 (FIMS51K.AAXS), F074034 (FIMS51K.AIX), F080770 (FIMS51K.AIXS), F074111 (FIMS51K.AWHAUS), F074112 (FIMS52K.AIXA), F080784 (FIMS52KAIXAUSS), F082683 (FIMS531JK.AIXEE), F084797 (FIMS53JK.AIXUK), F084797 (FIMS53JKAIX), F088344 (FIMS53JKCAIX), F074047 (FIMS53K.AIX), F080779 (FIMS53K.AIXS), F074048 (FIMS53KC.AIX), F084796 (FIMS73JKCAIX), F074113 (FIMS73KC.AIXAUS), F080785 (FIMS73KC.AIXAUSS), F085331 (FIS53KC.AIX), F085330 (FIS53KCABK), F028973 (FM10.B(BK)), F028975 (FM10.B(IX)), F028974 (FM10.B(WH)), F027344 (FM10BK.1), F027346 (FM10IX.1), F029676 (FM10K.C(BK)), F028976 (FM10K.CIX), F027347 (FM10KBK.1), F027348 (FM10KIX.1), F028977 (FM10R.B(AN)), F028978 (FM10RK.C(AN)), F029973 (FM10RK.C(OW)), F028979 (FM10RK.C(RA)), F028913 (FM10RK.C(WH)GB), F027350 (FM10RKAN.1), F027353 (FM10RKOW.1), F027355 (FM10RKRA.1), F027345 (FM10WH.1), F028956 (FM20.B(IX)IB), F028914 (FM20K.C(IX)GB), F030922 (FM21K.C(BK)), F030923 (FM21K.C(WH)), F028958 (FM30.B(IX)IB), F028957 (FM30.B(WH)IB), F029003 (FM37K(IX)NZ.1), F029000 (FM37K(WH)IR.1), F029001 (FM37KIXIR.1), F031074 (FM40K.CIX), F081907 (FMR54K.A(AN)), F081908 (FMR54K.A(AV)), F081962 (FMR54K.ARA), F028948 (FV10K.B(IX)GB), F028949 (FV20K.B(WH)GB), F028026 (HGD6IX), F030157 (HGM300K.C(BR)), F030156 (HGM300K.C(WH)), F030155 (HGM300K.CIX), F030162 (HGM30K.C(BR)), F030161 (HGM30K.C(WH)), F030160 (HGM30K.CIX), F068272 (HI50EK.AIX), F036797 (HI50EK.B(WH)), F036798 (HI50EK.BIX), F058894 (HI53EK.BIXGR), F036799 (HI56EK.BIX), F038108 (HI56EK.BIXGR), F034373 (HID52KC.BIXIB), F081390 (HIM 20K.A(BK)-2), F081391 (HIM20K.A(WH)-2), F074050 (HIM20K.AIX), F078282 (HIM20K.AIX-2), F078291 (HIM504K.AIX2), F074484 (HIM504KAIX), F074485 (HIM506EK.AIX), F078293 (HIM506EK.AIX-2), F074486 (HIM506EK.AWH), F078298 (HIM506EK.AWH2), F078287 (HIM50EK.AIX2), F074052 (HIM50K.AIX), F078288 (HIM50K.AIX-2), F074487 (HIM531EK.AIX), F078301 (HIM531EK.AIX-2), F074488 (HIM537EKAIX), F074053 (HIM53K.AIX), F078290 (HIM53K.AIX-2), F081392 (HIMB20KAIX-2DE), F043730 (HIN5SIX), F057281 (IF51K.AIX), F104041 (IF51K.AIXS), F061535 (IF51K.AIXUK), F080750 (IF51KAIXS), F058751 (IF617K.AIX), F058750 (IF61K.AIX), F066524 (IF638K.AIX), F057283 (IF63K.A(AN)), F061536 (IF63K.AANUK), F057282 (IF63K.AIX), F061537 (IF63K.AIX UK), F060012 (IF63K.AIXAUS), F080752 (IF63KAANS), F080751 (IF63KAIXS), F080753 (IF63KAIXUKS), F058752 (IF737K.AIX), F066523 (IF738K.AIX), F069048 (IF83KC.A(BK)), F061910 (IF83KC.AIX), F069046 (IF83KCA(WH)), F080754 (IF83KCAIXS), F072112 (IFG51K.A(BK)), F072114 (IFG51K.A(GR)), F078884 (IFG51K.A(WH)), F079367 (IFG51K.ABKGB), F080758 (IFG51K.ABKS), F080759 (IFG51K.AGRS), F081994 (IFG51K.ATD), F080797 (IFG51KAWHS), F088365 (IFG631KABKS), F088366 (IFG631KAWHS), F072115 (IFG63K.A(BK)), F072116 (IFG63K.A(GR)), F078883 (IFG63K.A(WH)), F080761 (IFG63K.AGRS), F081993 (IFG63K.ATD), F080796 (IFG63K.AWHS), F079368 (IFG63KABKGB), F080760 (IFG63KABKS), F082454 (IFG83KC.ATD), F085332 (IFS83KCAIX), F060836 (IH51K.AIX), F078304 (IH51K.AIX2), F060837 (IH63K.AIX), F082266 (MFA557JK.AIX), F031240 (KP648MS(X)-DE), F041803 (KP648MS(X)-DE), F031152 (KP648MS(X)-DK), F043073 (KP648MS(X)-DK), F058361 (KP6T71S(X)-I), F053225 (KP6T71S(X)-IT), F058371 (KP6T72S(X)-DK)

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