Genuine Hoover Washing Machine Drain Pump

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Genuine Hoover Washing Machine Drain Pump

If your washing machine is failing to drain during a wash cycle, it could be that there is a problem with the drain pump.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

AWDPD4138LH/1-S, AWDPD496LH/1-S, AWDPD496LHR/1-S, AWDPD6106LH-80, AWDPD6106LHR1-80, AWMPD410LH8/1-S, AWMPD49LH7/1-S, AWMPD49LH7R/1-S, AWMPD410LH8B/1-S, AWMPD410LH8R/1-S, AWMPD410LHO8/1-S, AWMPD413LH7B-80, AWMPD413LH7R-80, AWMPD413LH7R/1-S, AWMPD610LH8-80, AWMPD610LH8B-80, AWMPD610LH8R-80, AWMPD610LHO8-80, AWMPD69LH7B/1-80, DHL1482DR3R/1-80, DHL1492DR3R/1-80, DHL1682DR3R/1-80, DWOA437AHC6/1-01, DXC39A/1-S, DXOA 48C3R/1-80, DXOA49C3R/1-80, DXOA510C3/1-80, DXOA68C3/1-80, DXOA68C3R/1-80, DXOA69C3R/1-80, DXOA69LB3B/1-80, DXOA69LW3/1-80, DXOA437AC3/1-S, DXOA437AHC3/1-S, DXOA437AHC6/1-84, DXOC27/1-AUS, DXOC48C3B/1-80, DXOC49AC3/1-80, DXOC49AC3R/1-80, DXOC437AC3/1-S, H3WS69TAMCGE/-80 (31010717), H3W4102DE/1-80, HBWD7514DA-80, HBWD8514D-80, HBWD8514DAC-80, HBWD8514DC-80, HBWD8514S-80, HBWD8514TAHC-80, HBWDO8514THC-S, HBWDO8514TAHC-80, HBWM814D-80, HBWM814DC-80, HBWM814S-80, HBWM814SAC-80, HBWM814TAHC-80, HBWM815TH-S, HBWM816S-80, HBWM84TAHC-80, HBWM914D-80, HBWM914DC-80, HBWM914SC-80, HBWM915D-80, HBWM916TAHC-80, HBWMO916TAHC-S, HBWMO96TAHC-80, HL41272D3/1-S, HLP4137TAHB41-01, HLW585DC/1-80, HLWG475D/5-84, WDXOA485AC/5-S, WDXOA485ACR-80, WDXOA485C/1-80, WDXOA485CR-80, WDXOA595AHC/5-S, WDXOA485ACB/1-80, WDXOC585C/1-80, WDXOC685AC

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