Genuine Electrolux Zanussi AEG Washing Machine Drain Pump

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Genuine Electrolux Zanussi AEG Washing Machine Drain Pump

If your washing machine is failing to drain during a wash cycle, it could be that there is a problem with the drain pump.

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  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below


ZWQ61226WI, ZWQ61226SI, ZWQ6126WI, ZWQ61025WI, ZWQ61225WI, ZWY61025WI, ZWY61225WI, ZWQ61235WI, ZWQ71235SI, ZWY61225NW, ZWY61225BW, ZWT3206, ZWY61025CI, ZWY61025RI, ZWQ71235NS, ZWY50924WI, ZWY51024WI, ZWY61224WI, ZWQ61024WI, ZWY61024WI, ZWY60823WI, ZWY61023WI, ZWY61023KI, ZWY61223KI, ZWQ61226CI, ZWQ61025CI, ZWQ61225CI, ZWY61235CI, ZWQ61235CI, ZWY61225CI, ZWT3207, ZWY61025DI, ZWY50924CI, ZWY51024CI, ZWY61224CI, ZWQ61024CI, ZWY61024CI, ZWY50924CUI, ZWY61224CIU, ZWY60823CI, ZWY61023CI, ZWY61033KC, ZWY61233KC, ZWG6100K, ZWG6120K, ZWG76120K, ZWG76100K, ZWG680K, ZWGB6140K, ZWG6141K, ZWG6140K, ZWG6148K, ZWF6100K, ZWG6102KS, ZWGB6120K, ZWF61200W, ZWF61000W, ZWF61400W, ZWG7100K, ZWG77100K, ZWG7120K, ZWG77120K, ZWG71202K, ZWG7140K, ZWG77140K, ZWGB7140K, ZWF61203W, ZWF61403W, ZWF61204W, ZWF01280W, ZWF1210, ZWF1211, ZWF01483W, ZWF01483WR, ZWF01483WH, ZWF14010S, ZWF0143BWH, ZWF10KGS, ZWF91483WH, ZWF91483WR, ZWF91483W, ZWF1230, ZWF1430, ZWF91283W, ZWFS7000, ZWF1231, ZWF1431, ZWF01487WX, ZWF01486ZS, ZWF0147NX, ZWF0147BX, ZWF01487W, ZWF91486ZS, ZWF9147NW, ZWF9147BW, ZWF91487W, ZWF81260W, ZWF81460W, ZWF71460W, ZWF71660W, ZWF81463C, ZWF81263W, ZWF81463W, ZWF81463WR, ZWF81463WH, ZWF81663W, ZWF81473W, ZWF81263WT, ZWF81263WH, ZWF1480C, ZWF8143NS, ZWF8163NS, ZWF8163BW, ZWF71663W, ZWF71463W, ZWF71263W, ZWF71473W, ZWF7143BW, ZWF81467W, ZWF8147NW, ZWF8167NW, ZWF8167BW, ZWF8147BW, ZWF8143BR, ZWF8143BW, ZWF8163BR, ZWF81240W, ZWF81250W, ZWF81040W, ZWF81440W, ZWF71440W, ZWF71040W, ZWF71240W, ZWF71250W, ZWF71050W, ZWF71340W, ZWF71440BW, ZWF81243W, ZWF81443W, ZWF81441W, ZWF8141NW, ZWF71443W, ZWF71643W, ZWF71243W, ZWF71453BW, ZX9493WF, ZX8473WF, ZWF842C4WO, ZWF943A2PW


LB1360, L69490FL, L69490VFL, L69490VFL2, L14AS9, ZWF81460W, L69480VFL, L68480VFL, L68280VFL, L68280FL, L68480FL, L69682VFL, L69480FL, LFL66804, LFL67804, LFL67806, L69680VFL, L69689VFL, L69680FL, LP6480, L68080FL, L68281VFL, L69682VFLC, L69482FL, L69680VFL2, L68470FL, L68270FL, L68271FL, L69470VFL, L69670VFL, L68276FL, L68270VFL, L68470VFL, L69470FL, L69670FL, L68478VFL, L68479VFL, LP6471C, L68070FL, L68271VFL, LFL64702, LFL64704, L16AS7, L14AS7, LP6481, L14AS8, L61470FL, L61670FL, L61473FL, L61EUR, L6FBG844, L6FBE740G, L6FBM762G, L6FBP843G, L6FBP863G, L6FBG86W, L6FBG84W, L6FBG74W, L6FB86GW, L6FB84GW, L6FB74GW, L6FBG741, L6FBG841, L6FBG48SC, L6FBG48S, L6FBG48SP, L6FBN842G, L6FBG68SC, L6FB84GS, L6FBG824, L6FB64479, L6FB64473, L6FB6548EX, L6FE7441GM, L6FE8444GM, L6FBR842G, L6FB65480, L6FBG741R, L6FBG862R, L6FBG842R, L6FBG861R, L6FB65487, L6FSG74B, L6FBG84S, L6FBL863G, L6FBA48, L6FB6568EX, L6FBA68, LPEEV, L6FB65486, L6FEG48S, L6FBG844P, L6FB648G, L6FBK865G, L6FEG864, L6FB7499M, L6FB8499M, L6FER844G, L6FEG743E, L6FB65680, L6FL830EX, L6FBN84GP, L6FBN6862, L6FB86BGP1, L6FSK863G, L6FB64470, L6FBSPEED, L6FBKOLN, L6FBNR1, L6FB64478, L6FB647FH, L6FB40472, L6FBA474, L6FB40479, L6FB4047EP, L6FB40478, L6FBA484, L6FBA674, L6FBA684, L6FSP865K, L6FL700EX, L6FB41477, L6FBP842K, L6FSP764K, L6FSU741K, L6FBT74W, L6FBK74W, L6FBT84W, L6FBK84W, L6FB74KT, L6FBK841N, L6FBK821U, L6FEK28WG, L6FEK48WG, L6FEK28IWG, L6FBN74K, L6FBKIEL, L6FBC4470, L6FBC4480, L6FBC4478, L6FBC4689, L6FBC4688, L6FB54680, L6FBE720I, L6FBN742I, L6FBL740I, L6FBP763I, L6FBM842I, L6FBE840I, LP5281, LP5481, LP5681, L6FBI86W, L6FBI84W, L6FB86IW, L6FB84IW, L6FB54480, L6FB54670, L6FB54470, L6FB50470, L6FB54488, L6FB54478, L6FB50478, L6FBI48SC, L6FBI48S, L6FBI27WC, L6FBI27W, L6FBI821, L6FBI841, L6FB55470, L6FBI821U, L6FBI824U, L6FB55480, L6FAU740I, L6FE7261IM, L6FE7264IM, L6FE8261IM, L6FE8264IM, L6FBI861N, L6FBI841N, L6FBI741N, L6FBI84W1, L6FBI84S, L6FBI862N, L6FBI842N, L6FBI742N, LP4481, LP1481F, LFW6I7261B, L6FB48FL, L6FB50479, L6FB50472, L6FB50489, L6FB50480, L6FB62482, LP5250C, L6FB1881K, L6FB548G, L6FSI844, L6FB84IT, L6FBBONN, LP5482, LP5682, L6FBI74TS, L6FBI84T, LFX6I8264B, L6FBN5740, L6FBN5761, L6FBI86S, L6FBI741, LFX6I7264B, LFX6I7461A, L6FBI48WC, LF6I8444BM, LF6I7441BM, L6F47261IM, L6F48261IM, L6F48264IM, L6F47264IM, L6FB55681, L6FBA5470, L6FB67400, L6FBG49WC, L6FBG49W, L6FBBERLIN, L6FBG144, L6FBG944, L6FB67490, L6FBG941, L6FBT144G, L6FBXLWASH, L6FBG04W, L6FBG142R, L6FBG141R, L6FBG942R, L6FBG941R, L6FBG41S, LFX6G1454R, L6FBR142G, L6FEG49SC, LFX6G9451R, L6FBS943G, L6FEG1412N, L6FPN145G, L6FBG94S, L6FBN94GP, L6FEG49S, L6FEG49SR, L6FBG141, L6FBMAXI, LF6G9454RM, L6FEG141, L6FB49VFL, L6FB66400, L6FBG841CA, L6FG84BQ, L6FG94SQ, L6FQW842G, L6FQS947G, L6FBG84QW, L6FBG94QS, L6FBN84GQ, L6FBAUTO, L6FB68489, L6FB68480, L6FB68488, L6FBG942Q, L6FBR149G, L6FB68490, L6FBA494, L6FEK49IWG, L6FEK41IWG, L6FEK29IWG, L6FSP943K, L6FB45408, L6FBC4499, L6FBI94W, L6FB94IW, L6FBI941N, L6FBI941, L6FB56490, L6FB9ECO, LB5250, LB5450, LBEEV, LB5840, LB5480F, LP7250, LP7450, LP7260C


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John Lewis

JLWM1206, JLWM1206, JLWM1206, JLWM1427, JLWM1427, JLWM1437, JLWM1437, JLWM1437, JLWM1437, JLWM1437, JLWM1428, JLWM1428, JLWM1407, JLWM1407, JLWM1407, JLWM1417, JLWM1417, JLWM1417, JLWM1417

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