Genuine Electrolux 2400W Pyrolytic Series Fan Oven Element

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Genuine Electrolux 2400W Pyrolytic Series Fan Oven Element

Oven elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split or bulge, but most likely the oven will not heat up and will be blowing out cold air.

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  • Wattage: 2400W
  • Outer Diameter: 205mm
  • Height: 225mm
  • Bracket Width: 70mm
  • Tags: 25mm
  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for:

BP9314001M, EB6L20YCN, EB6L40YCN, EBSL80ACN, EBSL80ASP, EEA3440BOK, EEA3440BOX, EEA4233POX, EEA4235POX, EEA4545POX, EEB4230PAX, EEB4230POX, EEB4231POX, EEB4233POX, EEB4433POX, EEC43402OX, EEC44540OK, EEC44540OW, EEC44540OX, EEC44544OK, EEC44544OW, EEC44544OX, EEC445490K, EEC44549OK, EEC44549OW, EEC44549OX, EEC4454TOK, EEC4454TOW, EEC4454TOX, EEC45611OX, EEC45650OX, EEC45711OX, EEC54740GOV, EEC54740GOX, EEC54740GOZ, EEC5700AOK, EEC5700AOX, EEC5750AOX, EEC5799BOX, EEC5811AOX, EEC5811FOX, EHL20CN, EHL2CN, EI24EW35LS, EI24EW45LS, EKB100W, EKB100X, EKB200W, EKB200X, EKB400W, EKB400X, EKB500W, EKB500X, EKC4461AEW, EKC5651AOW, EKC5651AOX, EKC60015W, EKC60015X, EKC60053K, EKC60053W, EKC60053X, EKC60256W, EKC60257W, EKC60257X, EKC60406K, EKC60406W, EKC60406X, EKC6051BOW, EKC6051BOX, EKC6051FOW, EKC6150AOW, EKC6150AOX, EKC6351AOW, EKC6351BIW, EKC6351BIX, EKC6351CIW, EKC6450AOW, EKC6450AOX, EKC6450BOX, EKC6450COS, EKC6461AEW, EKC6461AOK, EKC6461AOW, EKC6461AOX, EKC6490AOS, EKC6551AOW, EKC6551AOX, EKC6552AOW, EKC6552AOX, EKC6554EIW, EKC6556EIW, EKC6562AOX, EKC6670AOW, EKC6670BOW, EKC6671AOW, EKC6690AOW, EKC6761AOX, EKC6762AOW, EKC70053W, EKC70053X, EKC700W, EKC700X, EKC70118W, EKC70406W, EKC7051BOW, EKC7051BOX, EKC7110AOW, EKC7551AOW, EKC96150AW, EKC96150AX, EKC96450AW, EKC96450AX, EKD60054W, EKD60252W, EKD60253W, EKD60254W, EKD60255X, EKD60350W, EKD60406W, EKD60406X, EKD60757X, EKD60767X, EKD70406W, EKD70406X, EKF6772AOW, EKF6772AOX, EKI6051EKW, EKI6051EOK, EKI6051EOW, EKI6059EFW, EKI6351COX, EKI6351DIW, EKI6351EOW, EKI6352COX, EKI6352EOW, EKI6359EOW, EKI6450AOX, EKI6451AOX, EKI6550AOW, EKI6551BOW, EKI6551BOX, EKI6552BOW, EKI6552BOX, EKI6555EIW, EKI6555EIX, EKI6556EIW, EKI6556EIX, EKI6559AOW, EKI6670AOW, EKI6675EIW, EKI6675EIX, EKI6679AOW, EKI6679AOW 230V, EKI6751AOX, EKI6752AOX, EKI6761AEW, EKI6761AOX, EKI6762AOX, EKI6763AOX, EKI6764AOX, EKI6770AOW, EKI6770AOX, EKI6770BOW, EKI6770BOX, EKI6770COW, EKI6770COX, EKI6770DOX, EKI6771AOW, EKI6771AOX, EKI6771COW, EKI6771COX, EKI6771DOX, EKI6779AOX, EKI7551BOW, EKI7551BOX, EKI9000W, EKI9000W1, EKI9000W3, EKI96450AX, EKI96770DX, EKK6050AOW, EKK6450AOW, EKK6450AOX, EKK96450AW, EKK96450AX, EKM6450AOX, EKM6770AOW, EKM6770BOX, EKP600X, EKP700W, EKP700X, EKP700X NO, EKP720X, EKP721W, EKP721X, EKP8000V, EKP8000X, EKP800V, EOA03400OX, EOA05551OK, EOA05551OW, EOA05551OX, EOA05651OX, EOA3331AAX, EOA3334AAX, EOA3400AAX, EOA3400AOX, EOA3404AAX, EOA3404AOX, EOA3410AOX, EOA3414AOX, EOA3430AAK, EOA3430AAX, EOA3430AOX, EOA3434AAK, EOA3434AAX, EOA3450AAX, EOA3450AOX, EOA3454AAX, EOA3454AOX, EOA3460AOK, EOA3460AOW, EOA3460AOX, EOA43400OX, EOA4542BOK, EOA45551OK, EOA45551OK EA, EOA45551OW, EOA45551OX, EOA45555OX, EOA45651OX, EOA45751FX, EOA45751OX, EOA5220AOR, EOA5220AOV, EOA5220AOW, EOA53420BN, EOA5351AAX, EOA5400AOK, EOA5400AOW, EOA5400BOK, EOA5410AAX, EOA5414AAK, EOA5414AAW, EOA5414AAX, EOA5444AAX, EOA5450AAK, EOA5450AAW, EOA5450AAX, EOA5450BAK, EOA5450BAX, EOA5450DAK, EOA5454AAK, EOA5454AAX, EOA5454TOX, EOA5541AOK, EOA5541AOW, EOA5541AOX, EOA5551AAK, EOA5551AAW, EOA5551AAX, EOA5551AOK, EOA5551AOW, EOA5551AOX, EOA5551AOZ, EOA5551DOX, EOA55551AK, EOA5555AAX, EOA5555TAX, EOA5641AOK, EOA5641AOW, EOA5641AOX, EOA5641BOK, EOA5641BOW, EOA5641BOX, EOA5641COX, EOA5651AAK, EOA5651AAW, EOA5651AAX, EOA5651AFW, EOA5651AFX, EOA5651AOV, EOA5651BAK, EOA5651BAW, EOA5651BAX, EOA5651BOX, EOA5654AAX, EOA5654ANX, EOA5654AOX, EOA5659WFW, EOA5659WFX, EOA5750AOX, EOA5751AAX, EOA5751AOM, EOA5751AOV, EOA5751AOX, EOA5751AOZ, EOA5751FAX, EOA5751FOM, EOA5751FOV, EOA5751FOX, EOA5751FOZ, EOA5751ZOZ, EOA5851AAX, EOA5851FAX, EOA75450OK, EOA75450OX, EOA8000V, EOA8000X, EOA93400AX, EOA93434AK, EOA93434AX, EOA93450AX, EOA93451AX, EOA95351AX, EOA95450AX, EOA95551AK, EOA95551AV, EOA95551AX, EOA95551AZ, EOA95551BW, EOA95551BX, EOA95651AV, EOA95751AM, EOA95751AX, EOA95751BX, EOA95851AV, EOAP5803AX, EOB03410OX, EOB03430OK, EOB03430OW, EOB03450OX, EOB05450OX, EOB100JX, EOB100W, EOB100X, EOB200W, EOB200X, EOB3000AAX, EOB3000AJX, EOB3000AOW, EOB3000AOX, EOB3000BAX, EOB300W, EOB300X, EOB3010AOX, EOB3020AJX, EOB3301AOX, EOB3311AAW, EOB3311AAX, EOB3311AOW, EOB3311AOX, EOB3400AAX, EOB3400AOK, EOB3400AOW, EOB3400AOX, EOB3400BAX, EOB3400BOK, EOB3400BOR, EOB3400BOW, EOB3400BOX, EOB3400CAK, EOB3400CAX, EOB3400COW, EOB3400COX, EOB3400DOX, EOB3400EAX, EOB3400EOX, EOB3409WFW, EOB3409WFX, EOB3410AOX, EOB3410COX, EOB3410COX EA, EOB3410DAX, EOB3414AOX, EOB3415AOX, EOB3430AOX, EOB3430CAX, EOB3430COK, EOB3430COW, EOB3430COX, EOB3430DAX, EOB3430DOX, EOB3434AAX, EOB3434BAX, EOB3434BOX, EOB3434FOX, EOB3450AAX, EOB3450AOX, EOB3454AAX, EOB3454AOX, EOB400W, EOB400X, EOB43400OX, EOB43410OX, EOB43430OK, EOB43430OW, EOB43430OX, EOB43450OX, EOB45450OX, EOB500W, EOB500X, EOB5050AAX, EOB53311AX, EOB53400BN, EOB53400CN, EOB53410AX, EOB5341AOW, EOB5341AOX, EOB53430CK, EOB53430CX, EOB53434AK, EOB53434AX, EOB53450AX, EOB5351AAW, EOB5351AAX, EOB5351AOX, EOB5410AAX, EOB5410BOX, EOB5414AOX, EOB5415AOX, EOB5417AOX, EOB5419AAX, EOB5430AOK, EOB5430AOW, EOB5430AOX, EOB5434ANX, EOB5434AOX, EOB5440AOK, EOB5440AOV, EOB5440AOX, EOB5440BAX, EOB5441AAV, EOB5441AAX, EOB5450AAV, EOB5450AAW, EOB5450AAX, EOB5450AAX GCC, EOB5450AOX, EOB5450BOX, EOB5450WOX, EOB5454AAX, EOB5454AOX, EOB5454BAX, EOB5454TAX, EOB5454TOX, EOB55351AX, EOB55450AX, EOB5554AAX, EOB5740BAX, EOB5741AAX, EOB5750AOX, EOB5751AAX, EOB5751BAX, EOB5851ANX, EOB5851AOX, EOB5851FOX, EOB7000X, EOB93301AX, EOB93311AX, EOB93400BX, EOB93401BX, EOB93402AX, EOB93410AX, EOB93420AX, EOB93430CK, EOB93430CW, EOB93430CX, EOB93434AK, EOB93434AW, EOB93434AX, EOB93450AX, EOB93450BK, EOB93450BX, EOB95410AX, EOB95450AK, EOB95450AV, EOB95450OX, EOB95551AK, EOB95741BK, EOB95750AX, EOB95751AK, EOB95751AX, EOB95751BX, EOB95851AX, EOB95851BX, EOC05651OX, EOC05751OX, EOC3400AOX, EOC3401AOX, EOC3410AAX, EOC3410BOK, EOC3410BOW, EOC3410BOX, EOC3410COX, EOC3411AOX, EOC3419WFX, EOC3430AAX, EOC3430COX, EOC3430DOX, EOC3430EAX, EOC3430EOX, EOC3430FOX, EOC3431AAX, EOC3431AOX, EOC3460AAX, EOC3460AOX, 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OPEC6559X, OPEC8553X, OPEC9553X, PREOC5851X, ROB3200AON, ROB3200AOR, ROB3201AON, ROB3201AOR, ROB3444AOX, ROC3440AOX

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