Genuine Candy Washing Machine Drain Pump

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Genuine Candy Washing Machine Drain Pump

If your washing machine is failing to drain during a wash cycle, it could be that there is a problem with the drain pump.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

BWD4106PH3/1-80, BWD596PH3/1-19, BWD596PH3/1-80, BWD596PH3/1-S, BWD596PH3/5-S, BWM128PH7/1-S, BWM1410PH7/1-80, BWM1410PH7/1-S, BWM1410PH7B/1-S, BWM1410PH7R/1-S, BWM1410PHO7/1-S, BWM148PH3/1-19, BWM148PH7/1-S, BWM148PH7R/1-S, BWM149PH3/1-19, BWM149PH7/1-80, BWM149PH7/1-S, BWM149PH7B/1-80, BWM149PH7R/1-80, BWM1610PH7/1-S, BWM149PH3R/1-19, BWM4137PH6/1-S, BWM4147PH6/1-07, BWM4147PH6R/1-07, CBUWD8514D-S, CBWD7514D-80, CBWD8514D-80, CBWD8514D-S, CBWD8514DC-80, CBWD8514SC-80, CBWD8514TH-07, CBWD8514TWH-07, CBWD8514TWH-80, CBWDS8514TH-S, CBWM712D-S, CBWM814D-S, CBWM814DC-80, CBWM814DW-07, CBWM815D-80, CBWM816D-80, CBWM816S-80, CBWM914D-80, CBWM914DW-07, CBWM914S-80, CBWM916D-80, CBWM916TWH-80, CBWMS914TWH-S, CMWM712D-01, CS1072DC1R/1-S, CS1072DS1R/1-S, CS1282D3R/1-47, CS1472DR3R/1-47, CS41072D3/1-S, CS41172D3/1-S, CS41272D3/1-S, CS41372D3/1-S, CSS41272D3/1-S, CSS4127T3DR/1-S, CSS41372D3/1-S, CSS41372T3/1-01, CSS4127T3DR/1-01, CSWG485D/5-84, CSWS485D/5-01, CSWS485D/5-S, CSWS485T-47, CSWS485TBB-47, CSWS485TDR/5-S, CSWS485TRR-47, GCSW485T/1-80, GV148D3S/1-80, GVCSW485TBB/1-80, GVF138THC3R/1-19, GVF4137LWHC3/1-S, GVF4137TWHC/1-01, GVS107D-SYR, GVS128D3/1-80, GVS138TWCR3-S, GVS148DC3R/1-80, GVS149DC3R/1-80, GVS168DC3R/1-80, GVS169D3/1-80, GVS169DC3R/1-80, GVS159TWHCR3/1-S, GVS4117TC3/1-S, GVS4127TH3/1-01, GVS4137DWC3/1-S, GVS4137TWC3/1-S, GVS4 G147TWC3-84, GVS4127TWH6/1-01, GVS4137THN3/1-36, GVS4137TWHC3/1-S, GVS4137TWHC3R-S, GVSW385TC/5-07, GVSW485DCB-80, GVSW485TWC/5-S, GVSW585TH/5-01, GVSWG485TWC-84, GVSW485DCR-80, HGS158T3DS/1-S, HGS159T3DS/1-S, HGS4137THQ/1-S, HGS4157T3DS/1-S, HGSW485DSW/1-S, WSC485D/5-47

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