Genuine Ariston Oven Thermostat

AristonStock Number: NS20680-AR

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Genuine Ariston Oven Thermostat

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp if you need assistance.


  • Type: EGO 55.17052.080
  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

FB11(BR)GB, FB11(WH)GB, FB36(BK)GB, FB36(BR)GB, FB36(IX)GB, FB36(WH)GB, FB51(ALU)GB, FB51(IX)GB, FB51IX, FC52(IX), FO55C(IX), FR34S(AN)GB, FR34S(WH)GB, FT85(AN), FT85(AV), FT85(OW), FZ65.1IX, CP6480MT.2(X)F, CP648MT, CP648MT.2, CP648MT.2B, CP649MD, CP649MD(X)AUS, CP649MD.2, CP649MD.2(X)NL, CP649MT, CP649MT(X)DK, CP649MT.2, CP64SM1(X)-I, CP758MT, CP758MT.2, CISFB21.2(WH), CISFB21.2IX, CISFB51.2(WH), CISFB51.2IX, CISFD52.2(ICE), F522.2IX, F52C.2IX, F562C.2IX, F56C.2IX, F60.1IX, F73C.2IXAUS, F76C.2(BK), F76C.2(WH), F76C.2IX, F86.1IX, FB11(BR)GB, FB11(WH)GB, FB21.2BK, FB21.2IX, FB21.2WH, FB26(BK), FB26(WH), FB26.2(BK), FB26.2(WH), FB26C(BK), FB26C(WH), FB26C.2(BK), FB26C.2(WH), FB36(BK)GB, FB36(BR)GB, FB36(IX)GB, FB36(WH)GB, FB51(ALU)GB, FB51(BK), FB51(BR), FB51(IX)GB, FB51(WH), FB51.2(BK), FB51.2(BR), FB51.2(IX), FB51.2(WH), FB51.2IXCN, FB51.2IXNE, FB51A(ALU), FB51A(BK), FB51A(IX), FB51A(WH), FB51A.1(BK), FB51A.1(IX), FB51A.1(WH), FB51IX, FB52C(IX), FB52C.2(IX), FB52C.2(WH), FB52C.2IXAG, FB52C.2IXTD, FB52IX-AUS, FB52WH-AUS, FB56C(BK), FB56C(IX), FB56C(WH), FB56C.2(BK), FB56C.2(WH), FB56C.2IX, FB56C.2IXTD, FB61CIXAG, FB82CIX-AUS, FB82CWH-AUS, FB83CIXAUS, FB86(AN), FB86(BK), FB86(IX), FB86(WH), FB86.2(IX), FB86.2IXNE, FB86CIX-AUS, FB86CWH-AUS, FC52(AN), FC52(IX), FC52.2(AN), FC52.2IX, FC52C(AN), FC52C(IX), FC52C.2IX, FC55C(IX), FC55C.2IX, FC62CIXAG, FC86.1IX, FC862C.2IX, FC97P.1-E AN (T), FC97P.1-E IX (T), FCF05(BK), FCF05(WH), FD52.2(CH), FD52.2(GC), FD52.2(ICE), FD52.2(MR), FD52.2(SL), FD52CH, FD52GC, FD52ICE, FD52MR, FD52SL, FD61.1(CH), FD61.1(ICE), FD61.1(ICE)S, FD61.1(MR), FD77P IX, FD97P AZ, FD97P ICE, FD97P MR, FH21IX, FH21IXS, FH51IXCN, FH51IXCNS, FH51WHS, FH52(WH), FH527IXAUS, FH527IXAUSS, FH52IX, FH52IXAG, FH52IXAGS, FH52IXS, FH531IX, FH531IXS, FH837CIXAUS, FH837CIXAUSS, FH83IXAG, FH83IXAGS, FH939IX, FH939IXS, FHR540(AN)CN, FHR540ANCNS, FHS21IX, FHS21IXS, FHS51IX, FHS51IXS, FK617XAUS, FK617XAUSS, FK62CX, FK62CXCN, FK62CXCNS, FK62CXS, FK62X, FK62XS, FK737CXAUS, FK737CXAUSS, FK83X, FK83XS, FKQ831(K)S, FKQ831K, FO52(ALU), FO52(AN), FO52(IX), FO52.2(AN), FO52.2IX, FO52C(BK), FO52C(WH), FO52C.2(BK), FO52C.2(WH), FO52C.2IX, FO52CIX, FO55(ALU), FO55(AN), FO55(IX), FO55.2(ALU), FO55.2(AN), FO55.2IX, FO55C(IX), FO55C.2IX, FO55CIX-IR, FO55CWHIR, FO85C(IX), FO85C.2IX, FO97P WH, FQ61.1(GR), FQ61.1(ICE), FQ61.1(OP), FQ61.1(TI), FQ76C.2(BK), FQ76C.2(WH), FQ86.1(ICE), FQ860.1(ICE)NE, FQ962C.2(ICE), FR34S(AN)GB, FR34S(WH)GB, FR54(AN), FR54(BR), FR54(WH), FR54.2(AN), FR54.2(BR), FR54.2(WH), FR540.2(AN), FR540.2(BR), FR540.2(WH), FR64AN-AG, FT85(AN), FT85(AV), FT85(OS), FT85(OW), FT85(PA), FT85(RA), FT85.1(AN), FT85.1(AV), FT85.1(OS), FT85.1(OW), FT85.1(PA), FT85.1(RA), FT850.1(AN), FT850.1(AV), FT850.1(OS), FT850.1(OW), FT850.1(PA), FT850.1(RA), FT850.1(RB), FT850.1IX, FT85PK, FT95C(AN), FT95C(OW), FT95C.1(AN), FT95C.1(OW), FT95VC.1(AN), FT95VC.1(OW), FT95VC.1IX, FZ51.2IX, FZ51IXAUS, FZ61.1(AN), FZ61.1IX, FZ61.1IXCN, FZ612.2(ALU), FZ612.2IX, FZ62C.1IX, FZ62C.1IXCN, FZ65.1(AN), FZ65.1IX, FZ65C.1IX, FZ83.1IX, FZ86.1IX, FZ860.1IXNE, FZ932C.2IX, FZ962C.2IX, FZ96C.1IX, H10.1IX, H60.1(ALU), H60.1IX, H61.1(BK), H61.1(WH), H61.1IX, H622.1IX, H62C.1IX, H66.1IX, H66V.1IX, HB50ER(ALU), HB50ER(IX), HB50ER.2(ALU), HB50ER.2IX, HB52C(IX), HB52C.2IX, HB56C(BK), HB56C(IX), HB56C(WH), HB56C.2IX, HB86C.2IX, HB86CIX, HO10(ALU), HO10(BM), HO10(IX), HO10.2IX, HO50(ALU), HO50(BM), HO50(IX), HO50.2(ALU), HO50.2(BM), HO50.2IX, HO50.2TIX, HO97P.1-E IX (T), HR10.1IX, HR50.2IX, HR50.2TIX, HR86T.1IX, PB52C(IX), PB52C.2IX, PB86C(IX), PB86C(WH), PB86C.2(IX), XF695.2, XF995.3 60HZ

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