Electrolux 2400W Compatible Fan Oven Cooker Element

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Electrolux 2400W Compatible Fan Oven Cooker Element

Oven elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split or bulge, but most likely the oven will not heat up and will be blowing out cold air.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Wattage: 2400W
  • Outer Diameter: 205mm
  • Height: 225mm
  • Bracket Width: 70mm
  • Tags: 25mm
  • Compatible spare part

We recommend the genuine Electrolux element

Suitable for:

EBSL60SAL, EBSL60SCN, EBSL80A CN SMART, EBSL80ACN, EBSL80ASP, EI24EW25KS, EKC607601W, EKC607601X, EKC63004W R07, EKC63304W 60P, EKC63307X, EKC63307X 25T, EKC63307X 61P, EKC63314W, EKC63314W 21T, EKC63314W 60P, EKC63314W R07, EKC63314X, EKC63314X 21T, EKC63314X 60P, EKC63314X R08 AFIPRI, EKE63004W R07, EOB 5620 W ELUX NOR, EOB 5620 X ELUX NOR, EOB 5632K ELUX ITALY, EOB 5632W ELUX ITALY, EOB 5632X ELUX ITALY, EOB 5665R ELUX ITALY, EOB 6620 K ELUX NOR, EOB 6620 W ELUX NOR, EOB 6620 X ELUX NOR, EOB 6625W ELUX NORD, EOB 6625X ELUX NORD, EOB 6635K ELUX ITALY, EOB 6635X ELUX ITALY, EOB 946 K, EOB 946 W, EOB 946 X, EOB 946I K, EOB 946IX, EOB 973 IL-K, EOB 973 IL-W, EOB 973 IL-X, EOB 974X, EOB 975K, EOB 975W, EOB 975X, EOB50100X EU AFIPRI, EOB50100X EU ENV06, EOB51000B UK ENV06, EOB51000W UK ENV06, EOB51000X ISRAEL, EOB51000X UK AFIPRI, EOB51000X UK ENV06, EOB52100W, EOB52100W EU ENV06, EOB52100X, EOB52100X EU AFIPRI, EOB52100X EU ENV06, EOB53000B UK ENV06, EOB53000K, EOB53000K IT ENV06, EOB53000K UK ENV06, EOB53000R EU ENV06, EOB53000R IT ENV06, EOB53000W, EOB53000W EU ENV06, EOB53000W UK ENV06, EOB53000X, EOB53000X EU AFIPRI, EOB53000X EU ENV06, EOB53000X IT AFIPRI, EOB53000X IT ENV AF, EOB53000X IT ENV06, EOB53000X SEA/CHINA, EOB53000X UK AFIPRI, EOB53000X UK ENV06, EOB53020X, EOB53020X DE AFIPRI, EOB53020X DE ENV0, EOB53020X DE R08 AF, EOB53100W EU ENV06, EOB53100X, EOB53100X EU AFIPRI, EOB53100X EU ENV06, EOB53100X ISRAEL, EOB54000X EU, EOB5600B UK, EOB5600B UK R05, EOB5600W UK, EOB5600W UK R05, EOB5600X UK, EOB5600X UK R05, EOB5608X, EOB5608X NORDIC R05, EOB5610B UK, EOB5610B UK R05, EOB5610K UK R05, EOB5610W UK, EOB5610W UK R05, EOB5610X UK, EOB5610X UK R05, EOB5620AB, EOB5620AC, EOB5620AW, EOB5620X NORDIC R05, EOB5625W NORDIC R05, EOB5625W SE, EOB5625X NORDIC R05, EOB5625X SE, EOB5627K, EOB5627K NORDIC R05, EOB5627S NORDIC R05, EOB5627W, EOB5627W NORDIC R05, EOB5627X, EOB5627X NORDIC R05, EOB5630B UK, EOB5630B UK R05, EOB5630K UK, EOB5630K UK R05, EOB5630W UK, EOB5630W UK R05, EOB5630X UK, EOB5630X UK R05, EOB5632K EU R05, EOB5632W EU R05, EOB5632X EU R05, EOB5647K NORDIC R05, EOB5647K UPDATE ELUX, EOB5647W NORDIC R05, EOB5647W UPDATE ELUX, EOB5647X NORDIC R05, EOB5647X UPDATE ELUX, EOB5660R ELUX EURO, EOB5660R EU R05, EOB5665G UK, EOB5665G UK R05, EOB5665R R05 ELUX I, EOB62300W, EOB62300W EU ENV, EOB62300X, EOB62300X EU AFIPRI, EOB62300X EU ENV, EOB63000W, EOB63000W UK ENV06, EOB63000X, EOB63000X UK AFIPRI, EOB63000X UK ENV06, EOB63002K, EOB63002W, EOB63002X, EOB63003X, EOB63100K, EOB63100K UK ENV06, EOB63100W, EOB63100W ISRAEL, EOB63100X, EOB63100X EU AFIPRI, EOB63100X EU ENV06, EOB63100X EU R08 AF, EOB63100X ISRAEL, EOB63100X IT AFIPRI, EOB63100X IT ENV R08, EOB63100X IT ENV06, EOB63100X KOREA, EOB63100X UK AFIPRI, EOB63100X UK ENV06, EOB63103X, EOB63120X DE AFIPRI, EOB63120X DE ENV06, EOB63120X DE R08 AF, EOB63300X, EOB63300X EU AFIPRI, EOB63300X EU ENV06, EOB63300X EU R08 AF, EOB64100A EU ENV06, EOB64100K, EOB64100K EU ENV06, EOB64100W, EOB64100W EU ENV06, EOB64100X, EOB64100X EU AFIPRI, EOB64100X EU ENV06, EOB64101A EU ENV06, EOB64101W EU ENV06, EOB64101X EU, EOB64101X EU ENV06, EOB64140K, EOB64140K EU, EOB64140U EU, EOB64140W, EOB64140W EU, EOB64140X, EOB64140X EU, EOB64201X, EOB64201X EU, EOB64340W, EOB64340X, EOB65100X EU AFIPRI, EOB65100X EU ENV06, EOB65100X EU R08 AF, EOB65140X, EOB65140X NL ENV06, EOB65140X NL R08 AF, EOB65300X, EOB65300X EU R08 AF, EOB6630B UK, EOB6630C UK, EOB6630K, EOB6630K ELUX EURO, EOB6630K ELUX P, EOB6630K EU R05, EOB6630K UK, EOB6630K UK R05, EOB6630U UK, EOB6630W, EOB6630W ELUX EURO, EOB6630W ELUX P, EOB6630W EU R05, EOB6630W R05 ELUX I, EOB6630W UK, EOB6630W UK R05, EOB6630X, EOB6630X ELUX EURO, EOB6630X ELUX P, EOB6630X EU R05, EOB6630X R05 ELUX I, EOB6630X UK, EOB6630X UK R05, EOB6630XK UK, EOB6630XK UK R05, EOB6632K UK, EOB6632K UK R05, EOB6632U UK, EOB6632W UK, EOB6632W UK R05, EOB6632X UK, EOB6632X UK R05, EOB6634X, EOB6635K R05 ELUX I, EOB6635X R05 ELUX I, EOB6636W, EOB6636X, EOB6636X IL R05, EOB6636X UK, EOB6636X UK R05, EOB6637X ELUX SPAI, EOB6637X EU R05, EOB6637X KOREA R05, EOB6637X NORDIC R05, EOB6637X UPDATE ELUX, EOB6640K ELUX NORDI, EOB6640U ELUX NORDI, EOB6640W ELUX NORDI, EOB6640X ELUX EURO, EOB6640X ELUX NORDI, EOB6640X EU R05, EOB6680K ELUX ITALY, EOB6680X ELUX ITALY, EOB6687X ELUX SPAI, EOB6690K ELUX EURO, EOB6690K EU R05, EOB6690W ELUX EURO, EOB6690X ELUX EURO, EOB6690X EU R05, EOB6696K ELUX EURO, EOB6696K ELUX NORDI, EOB6696W ELUX EURO, EOB6696W ELUX NORDI, EOB6696X ELUX EURO, EOB6696X ELUX NORDI, EOB6696X EU R05, EOB6696X NORDIC R05, EOB6696X R05 ELUX E, EOB6696X UK, EOB6696X UK R05, EOB6697U, EOB6697U NORDIC R05, EOB6697X, EOB6697X ELUX SPAI, EOB6697X NORDIC R05, EOB6697X R05, EOB67000W EU ENV06, EOB67000X, EOB67000X EU ENV06, EOB67000X EU R08 AF, EOB67000X UK AFIPRI, EOB67000X UK ENV06, EOB67200X, EOB67200X EU R08 AF, EOB68000A EU ENV, EOB68000A EU INTERI, EOB68000X, EOB68000X EU ENV, EOB68000X EU INTERI, EOB68000X EU1 AFIPR, EOB68000X EU2, EOB68200U EU ENV, EOB68200X, EOB68200X EU R08 AF, EOB846W1, EOB941K, EOB941W, EOB941X, EOB943IL-K, EOB943IL-W, EOB943IL-X, EOB944B1, EOB944C1, EOB944IL-K, EOB944IL-W, EOB944IL-X, EOB944K, EOB944W, EOB944W1, EOB944X, EOB945B1, EOB945GR1, EOB945KNOST, EOB945W, EOB945W1, EOB948IK, EOB948IX, EOB948K, EOB948P, EOB948S, EOB948W, EOB948X, EOB974B1, EOB974C1, EOB974W, EOB974W1, EOB975B1, EOB975BU1, EOB975GR1, EOB975R1, EOB975W1, EOB976X1, EOB977IK, EOB977IX, EOB977K, EOB977W, EOB977X, EOB977X1, EOB979IK, EOB979K, EOB979W, EOB990W1 FAE M.P.UK, EOB990X1 FAE M.P.UK, EOB994K1 FAE M-P E, EOB994X1 FAE M-P E, EOC55100X, EOC55100X EU AFIPR, EOC55100X EU ENV06, EOC55300X, EOC5627X, EOC5627X NORDIC R05, EOC5630X ELUX ITALY, EOC6450 (W)FAE MP., EOC6450X (X)FAE MP., EOC65100X EU ENV06, EOC65100X KOREA, EOC65101X, EOC65101X ISRAEL, EOC65140X, EOC65140X EU AFIPRI, EOC65140X NL ENV06, EOC65140X UK AFIPRI, EOC65140X UK ENV06, EOC65300X EU, EOC65340X, EOC65340X EU, EOC6620 X ELUX NOR, EOC6620X ELUX EURO, 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R05, EON6637X NORDIC R05, EON6637X UPDATE ELUX, EON6690K ELUX EURO, EON6690U ELUX NORDI, EON6690W ELUX EURO, EON6690W ELUX NORDI, EON6690X ELUX EURO, EON6690X ELUX NORDI, EON6690X EU R05, EON6697X NORDIC R05, EON6697X UPDATE ELUX, EON67000X EU ENV06, EON67000X EU R08 AF, EON941B, EON941K, EON941W, EON941X, EON943B, EON943W, EON943X, EON944K, EON944W, EON944X, EON948K, EON948W, EON948X, EONS23.10 13Q, EONS23.10 GR ENV AV, EONS23.10X, EONS23.10X 13Q, EONS23.10X BA2, EOO 6620 X ELUX NOR, EOO55020X DE AFIP, EOO55020X DE ENV06, EOO5600X, EOO5630 X NR05, EOO65140X DE AFIPR, EOO65140X DE ENV06, EOO6620X ELUX EURO, EOO6634X, EOO6634X DE, EOO6635X R05, EOO67120X DE AFIPR, EOO67120X DE ENV06, QCE7288X 08

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