Bosch Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

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Bosch Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

Genuine spare part for select models of Bosch washing machines.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

WAP28360GB/01, WAP28360GB/14, WAP28360GB/23, WAP28360GB/38, WAP28360GB/45, WAQ2436SGB/01, WAQ243D0GB/01, WAQ24460GB/01, WAQ24460GB/06, WAQ24461GB/01, WAQ24461GB/10, WAQ24461GB/11, WAQ24461GB/12, WAQ28360FG/01, WAQ28360FG/03, WAQ28360FG/06, WAQ28360FG/07, WAQ28360FG/10, WAQ28360FG/11, WAQ28360FG/12, WAQ28360FG/13, WAQ283S0GB/01, WAQ283S0GB/11, WAQ283S0GB/12, WAQ283S0GB/13, WAQ28421/01, WAQ28421/07, WAQ28421/12, WAQ28421IT/01, WAQ28421IT/06, WAQ28460BY/01, WAQ28460BY/02, WAQ28460BY/03, WAQ28460BY/06, WAQ28460EE/01, WAQ28460EE/06, WAQ28460GB/01, WAQ28460GB/06, WAQ28461FF/01, WAQ28461FF/10, WAQ28461FF/11, WAQ28461FF/12, WAQ28461FG/01, WAQ28461FG/10, WAQ28461FG/11, WAQ28461FG/12, WAQ28461GB/01, WAQ28461GB/10, WAQ28461GB/11, WAQ28461GB/12, WAS24460GB/04, WAS24460GB/06, WAS24460GB/07, WAS24460GB/08, WAS24461GB/15, WAS24461GB/45, WAS24466GB/17, WAS24466GB/18, WAS24466GB/20, WAS24469GB/20, WAS24469GB/21, WAS24469GB/23, WAS24469GB/24, WAS24469GB/27, WAS28460GB/04, WAS28460GB/06, WAS28460GB/08, WAS28461GB/01, WAS28461GB/07, WAS28461GB/14, WAS28462GB/14, WAS28462GB/15, WAS28462GB/23, WAS28462GB/38, WAS28462GB/45, WAS28466GB/17, WAS28469GB/20, WAS28469GB/21, WAS28469GB/23, WAS28469GB/24, WAS28469GB/27, WAS28760GB/14, WAS28760GB/16, WAS28760GB/18, WAS28761GB/23, WAS28761GB/38, WAS287B0GB/23, WAS287B0GB/45, WAS32460GB/01, WAS32460GB/06, WAS32460GB/08, WAS32461GB/01, WAS32461GB/07, WAS32461GB/10, WAS32461GB/13, WAS32461GB/14, WAS32462GB/15, WAS32462GB/23, WAS32462GB/38, WAS32462GB/45, WAS32466GB/17, WAS32466GB/18, WAS32466GB/20, WAS32469GB/20, WAS32469GB/21, WAS32469GB/23, WAS32469GB/24, WAS32469GB/27, WAS32760GB/23, WAS32760GB/38, WAS32760GB/45, WAS32791FF/01, WAS32791FF/03, WAS32791FF/06, WAS32791FF/08

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