Bosch Neff & Siemens Compatible Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Set

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Bosch Neff & Siemens Compatible Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Set

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below


D95IHM1S0B/01, D95IPU1N0B/01, D65IHM1S0B/01, D85IBE1S0B/01, D96IKW1S0B/01, D65IBE1S0B/01, D65IHM1S2B/01, D95IHM1S0/01, D95IKP1S0/01, D95IKP1S0/02, D95IPP1N0/01, D95IPP1N0/02, D96IKU1S0/01, D96IKU1S0/02, D96IKU1S0/03, D96IMW1N0/01, D96IMW1N0/02, D96IMW1N0/03, D96IMW1N0/04, D65IHM1S0/01, D95IMW1N0/01, D95IMW1N0/02, D95IMW1N0/03, D95IMW1N0/04, D96IMS1N0/01, D96IMS1N0/02, D96IMS1N0/03, D96IMS1N0/04, D96IMW1N1/01, D95IMT1N0B/01, D95IMT1N0B/02, D95IMT1N0B/03, D95IMT1N0B/04, D96IKW1S0B/03, D96IKW1S0B/04, D95IHM1S2B/01


DWK67HM60B/01, DWK97HM60B/01, DWK87BM60B/01, DWK98PR60B/01, DWK97JQ60B/01, DWK67BM60B/01, DWK97HM20B/01, DWK67CM60B/01, DWK97JM60/01, DWK87CM60B/01, DWK67HM60/01, DWK67JM60/01, DWK98PP60/01, DWK98PP60/02, DWK98PP60/03, DWJ97HM60/01, DWK67CM60/01, DWK67CM65/01, DWK67HM20/01, DWK67IM60/01, DWK87BM60/01, DWK87CM60/01, DWK87CM65/01, DWK97HM20/01, DWK97HM60/01, DWK97IM60/01, DWK97JM20/01, DWK97JR60/01, DWK97JR60/02, DWK97JR60/03, DWK98JM60/01, DWK98JQ60/01, DWK98JQ60/02, DWK98JQ60/03, DWK98JQ69/01, DWK98JQ69/02, DWK98JQ69/03, DWK98PR20/01, DWK98PR20/02, DWK98PR20/03, DWK98PR20I/01, DWK98PR60/01, DWK98PR60/02, DWK98PR60/03, DWK98PR60B/02, DWK98PR60B/03, DWK98PR60I/01, DWK98PR60I/02, DWK98PR60I/03, DWK97JQ60B/02, DWK97JQ60B/03


LC91KWW60B/01, LC91KWW60B/02, LC91KWW60B/03, LC91KWW60B/04, LC87KBM60B/01, LC67KHM60B/01, LC87KHM60B/01, LC67JHM20/01, LC87JHM20/01, LC87JHM60/01, LC87JHM60/02, LC87KHM60/01, LC67JHM60/01, LC67JHM60/02, LC67KHM10/01, LC67KHM20/01, LC67KHM60/01, LC67KIM60/01, LC68KPP60/01, LC68KPP60/02, LC87KBM60/01, LC87KHM10/01, LC87KHM20/01, LC87KIM60/01, LC87KIM60/02, LC87KIM60S/01, LC87KIM60S/02, LC91KWP60/01, LC91KWP60/02, LC91KWP60I/01, LC91KWV60/01, LC91KWV60/02, LC91KWV60/03, LC91KWV60/04, LC98KLP10/01, LC98KLP10/02, LC98KLP20/01, LC98KLP20/02, LC98KLP60/01, LC98KLP60/02, LC98KLV60/01, LC98KLV60/02, LC98KLV60/03, LC98KLV60/04, LC98KLV60I/01, LC98KPP60/01, LC98KPP60/02, LC98KPP60S/01, LC91KWW60/01, LC91KWW60/02, LC91KWW60/03, LC91KWW60/04, LC91KWW60S/01, LC91KWW60S/02, LC91KWW60S/03, LC91KWW60S/04

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