Bosch Compatible Aluminium Cooker Hood Grease Filter

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Bosch Compatible Aluminium Cooker Hood Grease Filter

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Length: 310mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below

DKE135BGB/01, DKE635A/01, DKE635AGB/03, DKE635ASD/07, DKE145K/01, DKE635A/03, DKE635AGB/04, DKE635B/02, DKE145K/02, DKE635A/04, DKE635AGB/05, DKE635BGB/01, DKE632A/01, DKE635A/05, DKE635AGB/06, DKE635CBR/01, DKE632A/03, DKE635A/07, DKE635AGB/08, DKE635EEU/01, DKE632A/05, DKE635AAU/01, DKE635AGB/09, DKE635EEU/03, DKE632A/07, DKE635AAU/03, DKE635ASD/01, DKE635EEU/05, DKE632A/08, DKE635ABR/01, DKE635ASD/03, DKE635EEU/07, DKE633A/01, DKE635ABR/03, DKE635ASD/04, DKE635F/02, DKE633A/03, DKE635AGB/01, DKE635ASD/05, DKE635GEU/01, DKE635GEU/02, DKE645D/05, DKE645H/02, DKE735AGB/01, DKE636A/01, DKE645D/06, DKE645K/01, DKE735AGB/03, DKE636A/03, DKE645DGB/01, DKE645K/02, DKE735AGB/04, DKE636A/05, DKE645DGB/05, DKE645M/01, DKE735B/02, DKE636A/07, DKE645DGB/06, DKE645MGB/01, DKE735BGB/01, DKE636BGB/01, DKE645E/01, DKE645P/01, DKE735F/02, DKE642K/01, DKE645E/02, DKE646K/01, DKE745DGB/01, DKE642P/01, DKE645EGB/01, DKE646P/01, DKE745F/01, DKE645CEU/01, DKE645EGB/02, DKE735A/01, DKE745F/02, DKE645D/01, DKE645H/01, DKE735A/03, DKE745G/01, DKE745K/01, DKE9306AUC/01, DKE935A/05, DKE935AGB/04, DKE745K/02, DKE932A/01, DKE935A/06, DKE935AGB/05, DKE745L/01, DKE932A/03, DKE935AAU/01, DKE935AGB/06, DKE745L/02, DKE932A/04, DKE935AAU/03, DKE935AGB/07, DKE745MGB/01, DKE932A/05, DKE935AAU/04, DKE935B/01, DKE745N/01, DKE932A/06, DKE935AAU/05, DKE935BGB/01, DKE925B/01, DKE932A/07, DKE935AAU/06, DKE935CBR/01, DKE925BGB/01, DKE935A/01, DKE935ABR/01, DKE935EEU/01, DKE9302AUC/01, DKE935A/03, DKE935AGB/01, DKE935EEU/03, DKE9305AUC/01, DKE935A/04, DKE935AGB/03, DKE935EEU/05, DKE935F/01, DKE936A/04, DKE9405EUC/01, DKE945D/06, DKE935GEU/01, DKE936A/05, DKE9405MUC/01, DKE945DGB/01, DKE935GEU/02, DKE936A/06, DKE9406AUC/01, DKE945DGB/05, DKE9362AUC/01, DKE936B/01, DKE942K/01, DKE945DGB/06, DKE9365AUC/01, DKE936BGB/01, DKE942P/01, DKE945E/01, DKE9365AUC/02, DKE936N/01, DKE945B/01, DKE945E/02, DKE9365AUC/03, DKE936N/05, DKE945B/02, DKE945EAU/01, DKE9366AUC/01, DKE936N/06, DKE945CEU/01, DKE945EGB/01, DKE936A/01, DKE9402AUC/01, DKE945D/01, DKE945EGB/02, DKE936A/03, DKE9405AUC/01, DKE945D/05, DKE945F/01, DKE945F/02, DKE945HAU/01, DKE945N/01, DKE9466AUC/01, DKE945G/01, DKE945K/01, DKE945N/02, DKE946K/01, DKE945G/02, DKE945K/02, DKE945P/01, DKE946P/01, DKE945GAU/01, DKE945L/01, DKE9462AUC/01, DKE947F/01, DKE945GAU/02, DKE945L/02, DKE9465AUC/01, DKE947F/02, DKE945H/01, DKE945M/01, DKE9465EUC/01, DKE947G/01, DKE945H/02, DKE945MGB/01, DKE9465MUC/01, DWW091451/01, DWW091451A/01, DWW091451S/01, DWW091451V/01, DWW091451V/02, DWW061451/01, DWW061451A/01, DWW061451S/01, DWW061451V/01, DWW061451V/02, DWW091461/01, DWW062460B/01, DWW062460B/02, DWW072450B/01, DWW072450B/02, DWW091350B/01, DWW091350B/02, DWW062450B/01, DWW062450B/02, DWB092450R/01, DWB092450R/02, DWW112450B/01, DWW112450B/02, DWB099751B/01, DWB062750/01, DWB062751/01, DWB092750/01, DWB092751/01, DWB095751/01, DWB095751A/01, DWB095751X/01, DWB095751X/02, DWB099751/01, DWB099751/02, DWB099751B/01, DWT063651/01, DWT069750/01, DWT093651/01, DWT095750/01, DWT095750W/01

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