Zanussi, Aeg, Electrolux, Ikea, John Lewis Dishwasher Heater

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Zanussi, Aeg, Electrolux, Ikea, John Lewis Dishwasher Heater

High quality replacement flow through heating element suitable for select models of Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux, IKEA & John Lewis dishwashers.

Before ordering: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us if you need assistance.


  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Type: Flow-Thru
  • Voltage: 230V
  • OEM Quality Part
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for the models below


DA4441, DA4541, DA4552, DE4754, DE4855, DE4944, ESF4101, ZDF601, ZDF601K, ZDF601S, ZDI16011XA, ZDI4141W, ZDI4141X, ZDI425X, ZDI600QX, ZDI6744, ZDIS101W, ZDIS101X, ZDIS102W, ZDIS102X, ZDN11001WA, ZDN11001XA, ZDN11005XA, ZDS050, ZDS1010, ZDS104, ZDS2010, ZDS2010S, ZDS2010X, ZDS204, ZDS205, ZDS205F, ZDS205X, ZDS231, ZDS231S, ZDS3010, ZDS304, ZDS305, ZDS4010, ZDS405, ZDS405X, ZDT13011FA, ZDT16011FA, ZDT250, ZDT6255, ZDTL201, ZDTS 350, ZDTS101, ZDTS102, ZDTS300, ZDTS401, ZDU111X, ZDU112X, ZDU6500, ZDV11005FA, ZDV12001FA, ZDV14001FA, ZDV15001FA, ZSF4111, ZSF4112, ZSF4123S, ZSF4143, ZSF4143S, ZSF6128, ZSF6128G, ZSF6161, ZSF6161N, ZSF6161S, ZSF6161X, ZSF6171, ZSF6280




ELU ESL4200LA D, ELU GA60LI221K CH, ESF4110, ESF4132, ESF4150, ESF4151, ESF43005W, ESF43010, ESF43011, ESF43020, ESF4500ROS, ESF4500ROW, ESF45010, ESF45010X, ESF45011, ESF45012, ESF45012S, ESF45030W, ESF45030X, ESF45050SR, ESF45050WR, ESF45055WR, ESF45055XR, ESF4510ROW, ESF4510ROX, ESF4550ROW, ESF4550ROX, ESF4600ROW, ESF4600ROX, ESF46010, ESF46010X, ESF46015WR, ESF46015XR, ESF4650ROW, ESF4650ROX, ESF46710W, ESF46710X, ESF47000W, ESF47000X, ESF47005W, ESF47005X, ESF4700ROW, ESF4700ROX, ESF47015W, ESF47020WR, ESF47020XR, ESF6220, ESF6220W, ESF6221, ESF6227W, ESF6231W, ESF6236, ESF6238W, ESF6238X, ESF6239W, ESF6241W, ESF6247, ESF6247W, ESF6247X, ESF6248, ESF6248W, ESF6248-W, ESF6249W, ESF6250W, ESF6251W, ESF6251X, ESF6260W, ESF6261W, ESF6270, ESF6270X, ESF6271, ESF6280, ESF6281, ESF6281S, ESF65010, ESF65010S, ESF65011X, ESF65012, ESF65013, ESF65014, ESF65014X, ESF65015, ESF65015X, ESF65020, ESF65060W, ESF65060X, ESF65062WR, ESF65062XR, ESF65063WR, ESF65064WR, ESF65065WR, ESF65065XR, ESF65066WR, ESF65067WR, ESF65068WR, ESF6550ROW, ESF6550ROX, ESF6555ROX, ESF6560REW, ESF6560REX, ESF6560RGW, ESF6560RGX, ESF6560ROW, ESF6560ROX, ESF6571, ESF65710W, ESF65710X, ESF6583ROW, ESF6585ROW, ESF6585RYW, ESF6585RYX, ESF6600ROW, ESF6600ROX, ESF66010, ESF66010X, ESF6602, ESF66021, ESF66021X, ESF66024, ESF66030, ESF66030X, ESF66039, ESF66041X, ESF66060X, ESF66070WR, ESF66070XR, ESF66080WR, ESF66080XR, ESF66085WR, ESF66085XR, ESF66088WR, ESF66088XR, ESF6610ROW, ESF6610ROX, ESF6620ROW, ESF6620ROX, ESF6630RGW, ESF6630RGX, ESF6630ROK, ESF6630ROW, ESF6630ROX, ESF6630RYW, ESF6630RYX, ESF6633RYW, ESF6633RYX, ESF6634RZW, ESF6634RZX, ESF6637RLW, ESF66610K, ESF66610W, ESF66610X, ESF66710, ESF66710X, ESF66720, ESF66720X, ESF66730W, ESF66730X, ESF66739W, ESF66810X, ESF66811W, ESF66811X, ESF66814XR, ESF66820, ESF66820X, ESF66830W, ESF66830X, ESF66840W, ESF66840X, ESF66842W, ESF66842X, ESF66860KR, ESF66860WR, ESF66860XR, ESF66861KR, ESF66861WR, ESF66861XR, ESF66870WR, ESF66870XR, ESF66873WR, ESF66873XR, ESF6700ROK, ESF6700ROW, ESF6700ROX, ESF67020, ESF67060WR, ESF67060XR, ESF67070WR, ESF67070XR, ESF67071WR, ESF67071XR, ESF67075WR, ESF67075XR, ESF6710ROW, ESF6710ROX, ESF6720ROW, ESF6800ROW, ESF6800ROX, ESF68030W, ESF68030X, ESF68040X, ESF68070WR, ESF68070XR, ESF7630ROX, ESF9450ROS, ESF9451ROX, ESF9465ROW, ESF9470ROW, ESF9470ROX, ESFCHRONOW, ESFCHRONOX, ESI00000XRT, ESI1000XRT, ESI4121X, ESI4200LAX, ESI4200LOX, ESI44030X, ESI44032B, ESI44032W, ESI44032X, ESI44500XR, ESI4500RAX, ESI4500ROX, ESI45010X, ESI4510RAX, ESI4510ROX, ESI46010X, ESI4610RAX, ESI4610ROX, ESI46500XR, ESI47020X, ESI47500XR, ESI56033B, ESI56033W, ESI56033X, ESI6150 X, ESI6220W, ESI6220X, ESI6221K, ESI6221W, ESI6221X, ESI6230B, ESI6230W, ESI6231X, ESI6236BR, ESI6236CN, ESI6236SW, ESI6236WE, ESI6241K, ESI6241W, ESI6241X, ESI6242B, ESI6242W, ESI6242X, ESI6251X, ESI6260CN, ESI6260SW, ESI6260U, ESI6260WE, ESI6261K, ESI6261U, ESI6261W, ESI6261X, ESI6262 X, ESI6280X, ESI64010X, ESI64602KR, ESI64602WR, ESI64602XR, 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GA60SXI203, GA60SXV500, GA60SXV502, GA60SXV503, GA90GLV400, GA930IFSP, GA930IFWE, GA955IFSIL, GS60AI221, P09113082865, RSF66070WR, RSF66070XR, RSF66090WR, TTC1003


AEG F.40010VI D, AEG F.60760 UK, AEG F.65402VIOP DIRU, AEG F.99000P NSFDK, ESF6243W, ESF6246W, ESI67070XR, F.00000IMPT, F.99015IMOP, F1000IMOP, F35000VI1P, F35010IB, F35010ILB, F35010ILM, F35010ILW, F35010IM, F35010IW, F35010VI, F35010VIL, F35085VI, F35090I-B, F35090IM, F35090IW, F35400IM0, F35400IMO, F35400VI0, F35400VIO, F35410IM, F35410VI, F3A, F3IN1U, F40010IM, F40010VI, F40012ID, F40012IM, F40012IW, F40012UM, F40360, F40370, F40370U, F40375U, F40379U, F40860, F43011VI, F43410IM, F43470I-B, F43470I-D, F43470I-M, F43470I-W, F44010ID, F44010ILM, F44010IM, F44010IW, F44010VI, F44010VIL, F44011VI, F44410IM, F44410VI, F44411VI, F44420, F44430, F44450, F44750, F44760, F44850, F44860, F44860M, F44860U, F44860UM, F44861M, F45001, F45001M, F45002, F45002M, F45003, F45003M, F45005, F45005M, F45020VI0P, F45020VI1P, F50010VI, F50671, F50671U, F50672, F50672M, F50672U, F50672UM, F50673, F50673S, F50674, F50675, F50675M, F50760, F50865UW, F50866, F50870, F50870B, F50870FUB, F50870FUM, F50870FUS, 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FAV35080IB, FAV35080IM, FAV35080IW, FAV35080VI, FAV3IN1, FAV3IN1U, FAV40, FAV40260IW, FAV40320 -W, FAV40550U, FAV40560U, FAV40620W, FAV40630W, FAV40650, FAV40650U, FAV40660, FAV40660IM, FAV40660IW, FAV40660M, FAV40660U, FAV40730W, FAV40740W, FAV40750, FAV40750F, FAV40750U, FAV40751U, FAV40760, FAV40760F, FAV40760U, FAV40760UM, FAV40761U, FAV40770UM, FAV40820W, FAV40830W, FAV40831W, FAV40840, FAV40850, FAV40850F, FAV40850M, FAV40850S, FAV40850U, FAV40852, FAV40860, FAV40860IB, FAV40860IM, FAV40860IW, FAV40860M, FAV40860S, FAV40860U, FAV40860UM, FAV40860US, FAV40865, FAV40865M, FAV40S, FAV43060VI, FAV43070ID, FAV43070IM, FAV43070IW, FAV43070VI, FAV43075VI, FAV43080IB, FAV43080ID, FAV43080IM, FAV43080IW, FAV43080VI, FAV43085VI, FAV44050UD, FAV44050UM, FAV44050UW, FAV44052ID, FAV44052IM, FAV44052IW, FAV44060IB, FAV44060IM, FAV44060IW, FAV44060UD, FAV44060UM, FAV44060UW, FAV44060VI, FAV44062ID, FAV44062IM, FAV44062IW, FAV44070IA, FAV44070IB, FAV44070ID, FAV44070IM, FAV44070IW, FAV44070UD, 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FAV80850, FAV80850M, FAV80850S, FAV80850U, FAV80850UM, FAV80850US, FAV80860, FAV80860IA, FAV80860IB, FAV80860IM, FAV80860IW, FAV80860M, FAV80860S, FAV80860U, FAV80860UM, FAV80860US, FAV80865, FAV85050VI, FAV85060VI, FAV86050IM, FAV86050UM, FAV86050VI, FAV86070IA, FAV86070IB, FAV86070IM, FAV86070IW, FAV86070UM, FAV86070VI, FAV86072IM, FAV86080IA, FAV86080IB, FAV86080IM, FAV86080UM, FAV86080U-M, FAV86080VI, FAV86082IM, FAV88060IA, FAV88060IB, FAV88060IM, FAV88060IW, FAV88070IA, FAV88070IM, FAV88070VI, FAV88080IA, FAV88080IB, FAV88080IM, FAV88080IW, FAV88080VI, FAVAAA, FAVAAAIM, FAVAAAVI, FAVACTIVEAA, FAVCELEBRATION, FAVDINAMICAIMD, FAVEXCLUSIV, FAVINTENSIV, FAVINTENSIVAA, FAVMARATHON, FAVMAXIMAAA, FAVMAXIMAAAM, FAVOKO, FAVPRIMAAA, FAVPROTECTION, FAVSILENCE, FAVSIMPLICITY, FAVTRIATHLONW, FCOMPAAA, FEXPPRESS, FEXPRESSID, FEXPRESSIM, FEXPRESSIW, FEXPRESSM, FEXPRESSVI, FFIESTAAA, FOKO45M0P, FOKO45MOP, FOKO45W0P, FOKOPLUS, FOKOPLUSID, FOKOPLUSIM, FOKOPLUSIW, FOKOPLUSM0P, FOKOPLUSUM, FOKOPLUSVI, FOKOPLUSW0P, FOKOXLIM0P, FOKOXLIMOP, FOKOXLUM0P, FOKOXLVI0P, FOKOXXLIMP, FOKOXXLM0P, FOKOXXLMP, FOKOXXLP, FOKOXXLUMP, FOKOXXLVIP, FOKOXXLW0P, FOKPLUSILM, FOKPLUSVIL, FSILENCE, FSILENCEIM, FSILENCE-M, FSILENCEM0P, FSILENCEVI, FSILENCEW0P, FSILPLUS, FSILPLUSID, FSILPLUSIM, FSILPLUSIW, FSILPLUSM, FSILPLUSU, FSILTECH, FSILTECHM, FSILTECHU, GA60GLV220, GS45AV221, GS45AVB, GS45BV220, GS45BV221, GS45BV222, GS45BVM, GS55AI100, GS55AI220, GS55AI220W, GS55AIW, GS55BI220, GS55BI220W, GS60AI220, GS60AI221, GS60AI221K, GS60AI221X, GS60AV220, GS60AV221, GS60AV222, GS60BF220, GS60BF221, GS60BF222, GS60BI220, GS60BI221, GS60BV220, GS60BV221, GS60BV222, GS60GI220, GS60GV220, GS60GV221, GS60GV222, P09113082865, QB5021W, QB5026W, QB5160W, TP893N

John Lewis

JLBIDW1200, JLBIDW901, JLBIDW902, JLDW1221, JLDW1225, JLDWS1202, JLDWS1204, JLDWS1208, JLDWS1228, JLDWW1203, JLDWW1205, JLDWW1206, JLDWW1222, JLDWW906, JLDWW906 from SNo.103

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