AEG Genuine Washing Machine Door Interlock

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AEG Genuine Washing Machine Door Interlock

The door interlock is an electronic device that is designed to give a time delay before the door of a washing machine can be opened once the wash/drying cycle has competed.

The common fault when a door interlock fails is that the washing machine will not start. There will be power to the washing machine, which is can sometimes be ascertained by the light (if present) being lit up on the front fascia panel. However, when the door is closed and the wash/drying cycle is selected the machine will not start.

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  • Genuine spare part

Suitable for the models below

CLARA868, L11842VIT, L12710VIT, 14800, L, 6415, L1245EL, L1271EL, 16800, L1045E, L1246EL, L12720, 16810, L1045EL, L1249, L12720VIT, AEG16800, L1046EL, L12500VI, L12810VI, BELLA2100, L1049, L12510VI, L12820, CLARA1047, L10500V, L1260EL, L12820J5 VERS WHITE, CLARA1048, L10500VI, L12620, L12820J5 VERS SILVER, CLARA1068, L1060EL, L12700VIT, L12820J6, CLARA1248, L1070EL, L12710, L12830, L12843VIT, L14820, L5019, L5411, L14500VI, L14840, L50210, L54600, L14510VI, L14850, L50212, L54811, L14700VIT, L16810, L50610, L58220, L14710VIT, L16820, L50612, L58222, L14720, L16825, L5211, L58223, L14800, L16830, L52600, L58820, L14800VI, L16850, L52609, L58828, L14800VIT, L16853, L52612, L60210, L14810, L16866, L53600, L60600, L60610, L60822, L61825, L62806, L60621, L60824, L6215, L62809, L60637, L60825, L62560, L62810, L60640, L60827, L6261, L62812, L60688, L60828, L62610, L62820, L60699, L60829, L62622, L62822, L60800, L60840, L62640, L62825, L60805, L60843, L62645, L62828, L60810, L60890, L62699, L62840, L60820, L60895, L62800, L62853, L62890, L6420, L64619, L6480, L62895, L64540, L6461EX, L64800, L63600, L64560, L64620, L64806, L63800, L6460, L64640, L64810, L63803, L64600, L64641, L64811, L63805, L64606, L64645, L64819, L63812, L6461, L64647, L6482, L63813, L64610, L6465N, L64820, L63815, L64617, L6466N, L64822, L6415, L64618, L64680, L64823, L64840, L65800, L66800, L68640, L64845, L65825, L66811, L68650, L64846, L65845, L66815, L70654, L64848, L6615, L66820, L70657, L6484N, L66560, L66840, L70786VT, L64851, L66561, L66841, L70810, L64853, L66610, L66845, L71655, L64857, L66617, L66855, L72600, L64859, L6661EX, L66857, L72610, L6485EX, L66640, L6685EX, L72640, L72650, L72815, VERS.SILVER, L74651, L74665, L72655, L72815 VERS WHITE, L74652, L74780VT, L72656, L72818, L74652 VERS WHITE, L74800, L72658, L72840M, L74652 VERS SILVER, L74803, L72766VT, L72850, L74653, L7481, L72786VT, L72853, L74655, L74810, L72800, L72880, L74658, L74810SPOR, L72805, L72900, L74658 VERS SILVER, L74812, L72810, L74600, L74658 VERS WHITE, L74818, L72812, L74650, L74659, L74819, L74820, L75805, L76659, L76840, L74850, L75817, L7680, L76850, L74850B, L76650, L76800, L76853M, L74850M, L76651, L76810, L76855, L74859, L76655, L76811, L76859, L74900, L76656, L76815, L76910, L74920, L76657, L76818, L84810, L74950, L76658, L76819, L84812, L75605, L76658 VERS SILVER, L76820, L84820, L75655, L76658 VERS WHITE, L76830, L84850, L84950, LAV16800, LAV60807, LAV61900, L86401, LAV52680, LAV60809, LAV6240, L86810, LAV54680, LAV60810, LAV62600, L86812, LAV60200, LAV60814, LAV62605, L86820, LAV60210, LAV60816, LAV62610, L88810, LAV60600, LAV60817, LAV62800, L88820, LAV60610, LAV60819, LAV62804, LAV13.50, LAV60800, LAV60900, LAV62806, LAV15.50, LAV60804, LAV61805, LAV62808, LAV1600, SL-W, LAV60806, LAV61815, LAV62809, LAV62810, LAV63815, LAV64608, LAV64780, LAV62818, LAV63819, LAV64609, LAV6480, LAV62820, LAV63900, LAV64610, LAV64800, LAV62900, LAV6410, LAV64617, LAV64802, LAV63600, LAV6420, LAV64618, LAV64803, LAV63610, LAV6440, LAV64619, LAV64806, LAV63613, LAV6460, LAV6461EX, LAV64809, LAV63800, LAV64600, LAV6465N, LAV64810, LAV63805, LAV64606, LAV64680, LAV64812, LAV63809, LAV64607, LAV646EX, LAV64813, LAV64819, LAV6661EX, LAV66819, LAV70435-W, LAV65600, LAV66680, LAV70230-W, LAV70530-W, LAV65800, LAV666EX, LAV70240, LAV70539-W, LAV65805, LAV66800, LAV70260, LAV70560, LAV65813, LAV66805, LAV70330, LAV70610-W, LAV65815, LAV66806, LAV70330-W, LAV70630-W, LAV6610, LAV66809, LAV70339-W, LAV70633-W, LAV66600, LAV66810, LAV70340, LAV70638-W, LAV66610, LAV66813, LAV70340-W, LAV70640, LAV66617, LAV66815, LAV70360, LAV70660, LAV70730-W, LAV71330-W, LAV72534JADE, LAV72640, LAV70733-W, LAV71739-W, LAV72534-W, LAV72640-W, LAV70740, LAV71749-W, LAV72537-W, LAV72650, LAV70740-W, LAV72330-W, LAV72550, LAV72660, LAV70760, LAV72337-W, LAV7256, LAV72666, LAV70780-W, LAV72338-W, LAV72600, LAV72730-W, LAV70790, LAV72356, LAV72630, LAV72730-W, D, LAV70800, LAV72401, LAV72630-W, LAV72738-W, LAV70810, LAV72530-W, LAV72630-W, A, LAV72740, LAV71330, LAV72534, LAV72636, LAV72740-W, LAV72748, LAV72810, LAV73569, LAV73758, LAV72750, LAV72812, LAV73630-W, LAV74330, LAV72760, LAV72818, LAV73633-W, LAV74330-W, LAV72768, LAV72880, LAV73639-W, LAV74335, LAV72769, LAV73330-W, LAV73664, LAV74335-W, LAV72780-W, LAV73360, LAV73738-W, LAV74339, LAV72785, LAV73530, LAV73739-W, LAV74339-W, LAV72800, LAV73530-W, LAV73743, LAV74352, LAV72805, LAV73550, LAV73748-W, LAV74401, LAV72808, LAV73567, LAV73749-W, LAV7450, LAV74530-W, LAV74639, WB-W, LAV74730-W, LAV74769, LAV7456, LAV74640, LAV74734-W, LAV74780-W, LAV74560, LAV74640-W, LAV74738-W, LAV74800, LAV74569, LAV74650, LAV74740, LAV74803, LAV74600, LAV74651, LAV74740-W, LAV74804, LAV74610, LAV74660, LAV74744, LAV74808, LAV74630, LAV74665, LAV74748, LAV74809, LAV74630-W, LAV74689, LAV74750, LAV74810, LAV74630-W, GB-, LAV74700, LAV74760, LAV74810SPORT, LAV74639, LAV74730, LAV74768, LAV74812, LAV74815, LAV75639-W, LAV76630, LAV76730-W, LAV74818, LAV75666, LAV76630-W, LAV76740, LAV74819, LAV75737-W, LAV76639-W, LAV76740-W, LAV74820, LAV75747, LAV76640, LAV76760, LAV74825, LAV75805, LAV76654, LAV76768, LAV74880, LAV75807, LAV76660, LAV76769, LAV74900, LAV75817, LAV76665, LAV76780, LAV75530-W, LAV7650, LAV76669, LAV76780-W, LAV75550, LAV76560, LAV76689, LAV76785, LAV75605, LAV76600, LAV76730, LAV76790, LAV767EX, LAV7685M, LAV84810, LAV86812, LAV7680, LAV76880, LAV84812, LAV86819, LAV76800, LAV76910, LAV84820, LAV86820, LAV76808, LAV78800, LAV85805, LAV86829, LAV76809, LAV78810, LAV8650, LAV88800, LAV76810, LAV82800, LAV86800, LAV88809, LAV76815, LAV82810, LAV86804, LAV88810, LAV76818, LAV84610, LAV86807, LAV88819, LAV76819, LAV84745, LAV86808, LAV88820, LAV76820, LAV84800, LAV86810, LAV88829, LAVAMAT2107, LAVBELLA3451, LAVDIPLOMAT, E, LAVPRINCESS, LAVAMAT2120, LAVBELLA3452, LAVDOMINA, LAVREGINA, LAVAMAT2127, LAVBELLA3452N, LAVESSENTIAL, LAVREGINA2551F, LAVAMAT5.0, LAVBELLA3850, LAVEUROLINEL, LAVREGINA2552F, LAVB3050, LAVBELLA-W, LAVEUROLINES, LAVREGINA2651, LAVB3250, LAVCENTURY, LAVGENIUS, SL, LAVREGINA2851, LAVB3450, LAVCL, L-W, LAVGENIUSL, LAVSPIRIT, L, LAVBELLA, LAVCL, SL-W, LAVGENIUSS, LAVSPIRIT, S-W, LAVBELLA3051, LAVCL, S-W, LAVMARATHON, LAVTRIATHLON, LAVBELLA3251, LAVDERBYLINE, LAVMARYLINEL, LAVTROPHY, ELEC-, LB3051, LBELLA, VERS., WHITE, LPRINCESS, LREGINA, LB3251, LMARATHON, LR2452, LREGINA VERS SILVER, LB3451, LN78479, LR2552F, LREGINA VERS WHITE, LB3452N, LN78675, LR2651, LTRIATHLON, LB3453N, LN78679, LR2652, OKOPLUS14, LB3850, LP2252F, LR2851, OKOPLUS16, LBELLA, LP5051, LR2852, REG3610WT, LBELLA VERS SILVER, LP5251, LR3410WT

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