AEG 2400W Compatible Pyrolytic Series Fan Oven Element

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AEG 2400W Compatible Pyrolytic Series Fan Oven Element

Oven elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split or bulge, but most likely the oven will not heat up and will be blowing out cold air.

BEFORE ORDERING: Please check the suitable model fit list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance. Contact us or send us a WhatsApp message if you need assistance.


  • Wattage: 2400W
  • Outer Diameter: 205mm
  • Height: 225mm
  • Bracket Width: 70mm
  • Tags: 25mm
  • Compatible spare part

Suitable for:

347056V-MN, 347056V-WN, 40006VL-WN, 40006VS-MN, 40006VS-WN, 40016VL-WN, 40016VS-MN, 40016VS-WN, 40106VL-WN, 40107VE-WN, 40116VV-WN, 41102IU-MN, 41102V-MN, 41116IE-MN, 41116IE-WN, 42016IU-MN, 42016IU-WN, 42016VL-MN, 42016VL-WN, 42106IUWN, 42106IU-WN, 42116VE-WN, 42156VE-WN, 42176IU-WN, 43036IW-MN, 43102V-MN, 43172V-MN, 43176IW-MN, 43336VV-MN, 43336VY-MN, 43376VV-MN, 47036IU-MN, 47056IU-MN, 47056IU-WN, 47056VS-MN, 47056VS-W8, 47056VS-WN, 4705PVS-MN, 4705RVS-MN, 4705RVS-WN, 47102V-MN, 47132MM-MN, 47A56VS-MN, 49002VMN, 49002V-MN, 49076I9-MN, 49076IW-MN, 49106IU-MN, 49176IW-MN, 49176V-MN, 49332I-MN, 62116IU-MN, 62116IU-WN, 62116IW-WN, 63156IU-WN, 63156VV-WN, 63456IU-MN, 63456IU-WN, 63476IU-MN, 63476IU-WN, 63476IW-MN, 67076IU-MN, 67076VS-MN, 68456IU-MN, 68456VS-MN, 68476IU-MN, 68476VS-MN, 69079IU-MN, 69476IU-MN, 69476VS-MN, 947056V-MN, 947056V-WN, BC200320WM, BC2101001M, BC3000001M, BC3003001M, BC301300NM, BC301302NM, BC301302WM, BC3303001M, BC3303001W, BC3303501M, BC330352KM, BC3331300M, BC3331302M, BC4313021M, BC501302NM, BC501342NM, BC5313021M, BC531302HM, BCB331051M, BCE435020B, BCE451010M, BCE451350M, BCE455020M, BCE455350M, BCE542350M, BCE551020M, BCE552350B, BCE552350M, BCE555020M, BCE556320M, BCE556350B, BCE556350M, BCE742220B, BCE742320M, BCK431010M, BCK451350M, BCK452210M, BCK452210W, BCK45221YM, BCK45231PM, BCK455350M, BCK456220M, BCK456220W, BCK45622YM, BCK45631PM, BCK551050M, BCK552220M, BCK552250M, BCK552350M, BCK555050M, BCK556220M, BCK556350M, BCK642020M, BCK742220M, BCM542350M, BCM546350M, BCR542350B, BCR542350M, BCR542350W, BCR546350B, BCR546350M, BCR546350W, BCR742350B, BCR742350W, BCS331150M, BCS451010M, BCS45121CM, BCS45131XM, BCS452210M, BCS452210W, BCS452310M, BCS455020M, BCS45522CM, BCS45532XM, BCS456220M, BCS456220W, BCS456320M, BCS551020M, BCS551220M, BCS552020M, BCS552250M, BD320, BD320P, BD430C, BD431C, BD540C, BD540P, BD541C, BD541P, BE1300300M, BE1300350X, BE1400300X, BE1530400X, BE1531310B, BE1531310M, BE1531310W, BE1731410B, BE1731410M, BE1731410W, BE2000001M, BE200002SM, BE2000201M, BE2003001M, BE2003001M AUS, BE200300KM, BE2003021M, BE2003021W, BE2003201M, BE2003221M, BE200362KM, BE200362KW, BE2013221M, BE2103111M, BE3000021M, BE3002001M, BE3002021B, BE3002021M, BE300202RM, BE300202WM, BE3002401B, BE3002401M, BE3002401W, BE3002421B, BE3002421M, BE3002421W, BE3003001B, BE3003001D, BE3003001M, BE3003001W, BE300300IM, BE300300KM, BE300300MM, BE3003021B, BE3003021M, BE3003021W, BE300302KM, BE300302PM, BE300302RB, BE300302RM, BE3003061M, BE3003401M, BE3003421M, BE3003501M, BE300350NM, BE300360KM, BE300362KM, BE300362KW, BE300366KM, BE3013001M, BE3013021M, BE301302PM, BE3013081M, BE3013421M, BE3013421W, BE3013501M, BE3013521M, BE301352HM, BE301352NM, BE3301302M, BE330302KM, BE330362KM, BE4003001M, BE400302IM, BE400302WM, BE4013021M, BE4013421M, BE401342PM, BE430362IM, BE4304001M, BE430442SM, BE430442SW, BE4313091M, BE4314021M, BE4314421M, BE5003001B, BE5003001M, BE5003001W, BE5003021M, BE500302DM, BE500310MM, BE500310WB, BE500310WM, BE500310WW, BE5003421M, BE500352DM, BE500452DM, BE5013001M, BE5013021M, BE501302HM, BE501302NM, BE501302WM, BE501310AM, BE501310HM, BE501310NM, BE501310WM, BE5013401M, BE5013421M, BE501342RM, BE5300202M, BE5300252M, BE5300302M, BE5303151M, BE5304001B, BE5304001M, BE5304101M, BE5304401B, BE5304401M, BE5304421M, BE530450KB, BE530450KM, BE531310MM, BE531400KM, BE531450KM, BE5401300M, BE5401302M, BE5401400M, BE5401402B, BE5401402M, BE5431302B, BE5431302M, BE5431402M, BE5531300M, BE5531302M, BE5531310M, BE5731400M, BE5731402M, BE5731410M, BE7004001M, BE7004101M, BE700410MM, BE7004421M, BE730400WM, BE7304021M, BE730410WM, BE7304151M, BE731402WM, BE731410HM, BE731410NM, BE7314401M, BE731440CM, BE731440NM, BE7314421M, BE731442CM, BE731442HM, BE731442NM, BE731442PM, BE8615001M, BE8615101M, BE861510IM, BE8715001M, BE8715101M, BE871510IM, BEB230010M, BEB231011M, BEB331010M, BEB331110M, BEB350010M, BEB351010B, BEB351010M, BEB351010W, BEB351110B, BEB351110M, BEB352010M, BEB352010W, BEB355020M, BEB435020M, BEE233101M, BEE233111M, BEE255632M, BEE264232M, BEE264232W, BEE431111M, BEE431310M, BEE435060B, BEE435111M, BEE451110M, BEE455010M, BEE455120M, BEE542320M, BEE555120M, BEE641221M, BEE641222M, BEK230010M, BEK230011M, BEK23001YM, BEK23006YM, BEK231010M, BEK255632M, BEK351010M, BEK351011M, BEK35101YM, BEK351110M, BEK431010M, BEK431011M, BEK431111M, BEK435020M, BEK435060M, BEK435111M, BEK451110M, BEK455020M, BEK455120M, BEK455310M, BEK542320M, BEK546320M, BEK556320M, BEK63102ZM, BEK742L21M, BEK742R21M, BEM451110M, BEM455120M, BER451110B, BER451110M, BER455120B, BER455120M, BES230010M, BES230011M, BES231111M, BES25101LM, BES331010M, BES33101ZM, BES331110B, BES331110M, BES331111M, BES351010M, BES351110M, BES35111XM, BES351210M, BES352010B, BES352010M, BES352010W, BES45101LM, BP1300350X, BP1400300X, BP1530400X, BP1531310M, BP1731410M, BP1731410W, BP200306KM, BP2003081M, BP2103021M, BP210302WM, BP3003001M, BP300300AM, BP300300KM, BP3003021M, BP300302KM, BP300302SM, BP300306KM, BP300311KM, BP300316KM, BP300322KM, BP3003501M, BP3013001M, BP301300FM, BP3013021M, BP301302FM, BP3013081M, BP301308FM, BP301350WM, BP301352WM, BP3103001M, BP310310FM, BP320300KM, BP320310KM, BP3203121M, BP3203171M, BP3213111M, BP321311FM, BP321361FM, BP330302KM, BP330306KM, BP331302FM, BP3313091M, BP5003001B, BP5003001M, BP5003001W, BP5003021M, BP500302DM, BP500302WM, BP500310MM, BP500310WM, BP500350MM, BP500352DM, BP5004021M, BP5004021W, BP500402WM, BP500452DM, BP5013001M, BP5013021M, BP501302HM, BP501302NM, BP501302PM, BP501302WM, BP501310AM, BP501310HM, BP501310NM, BP501350HM, BP501350NM, BP501352HM, BP501352NM, BP5023001M, BP502300KM, BP502310KM, BP5303001B, BP5303001M, BP5303001W, BP530300WM, BP530302IM, BP530302WM, BP530310WM, BP5303151M, BP530352WM, BP5304001B, BP5304001M, BP5304001W, BP5304101M, BP530450KB, BP530450KM, BP530450KW, BP5313001B, BP5313001M, BP5313001W, BP5313021M, BP531302PM, BP531302WM, BP5313091M, BP531310NB, BP531310WB, BP531310WM, BP531310WW, BP531400KM, BP531450KM, BP532310MM, BP5501302M, BP5531300B, BP5531300M, BP5531302M, BP5531310M, BP5731460M, BP5731462M, BP5831600M, BP5931400M, BP630302IM, BP7004001M, BP7004021M, BP700402WM, BP7004101M, BP700410MM, BP730302IM, BP7304001M, BP730400KM, BP730400WM, BP7304021M, BP730402KM, BP730402WM, BP730410KM, BP730410MM, BP730410WM, BP7304151M, BP7314001M, BP7314021M, BP731402EM, BP731402FM, BP731402WM, BP731410EM, BP731410FM, BP7314601M, BP731460CM, BP731460HM, BP731460NM, BP7314621M, BP731462CM, BP731462HM, BP731462NM, BP731462PM, BP8304001M, BP8304601M, BP8306001M, BP8306601M, BP8314001M, BP8314021M, BP831460KM, BP831460SM, BP831460WM, BP831462WM, BP831600NM, BP831600SM, BP831600WM, BP831660KM, BP831660NM, BP831660SM, BP831660WM, BP8500442M, BP8500442W, BP8500452M, BP8530440B, BP8530440M, BP8530440W, BP8530450M, BP8615001M, BP8615101M, BP861510KM, BP861511KM, BP8715001M, BP8715101M, BP871510KM, BP871511KM, BP8831462M, BP9004001M, BP9304001M, BP930400WM, BP9304151M, BP9314001M, 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CCB6644ABM, CCB6670APM, CCB6740ACB, CCB6740ACM, CCB6760ACM, CCB6761ACB, CCB6761ACM, CCS6730ACB, CCS6741ACM, CIB6640ABW, CIB6642ABM, CIB6643ABM, CIB6660ACW 230V, CIB6670APM, CIB6671APM, CIB6730ACM, CIB6731ACM, CIB6740ACB, CIB6740ACM, CIS6741ECM, EBSL80ACN, EBSL80ASP, EC4313031M, ECE451010M, ECE455020M, ECK452210M, ECK456220M, ECS45121CM, ECS45131XM, ECS45522CM, ECS45532XM, ED320, EE0300306M, EE1300351X, EE2000001M, EE2000021D, EE2000021M, EE2000021W, EE2000201M, EE2000221D, EE2000221M, EE2000221W, EE2003021M, EE2003061M, EE3000011M, EE3000021D, EE3000021M, EE3000021W, EE3000081D, EE3000081M, EE3000081W, EE3000421M, EE3000421W, EE3002411M, EE3003011D, EE3003011M, EE3003011W, EE3003021D, EE3003021M, EE3003021W, EE3003031M, EE3003061M, EE3013011M, EE3013021D, EE3013021M, EE3013021W, EE3013031M, EE3013081D, EE3013081M, EE3013081W, EE3013521M, EE3013531M, EE3300091D, EE3300091M, EE3300091W, EE3313031M, EE3313091D, EE3313091M, EE3313091W, EE3314031M, EE4000011M, EE4003011M, EE4013021M, EE4013031M, EE4013081M, EE4313091M, EE4313291M, EE5003011B, EE5003011M, EE5003011W, EE5013411M, EE5301302M, EE5303151M, EE5501301M, EE7004011M, EE7304031M, EE7304151M, EE9301302M, EEB230010M, EEB331000D, EEB331000M, EEB331000W, EEB331010M, EEB335123M, EEB342010M, EEB342010W, EEB350010M, EEB351010D, EEB351010M, EEB351010W, EEB355020M, EEB435020M, EEE451110M, EEK23001YM, EEK23006YM, EEK35101YM, EES23101ZM, EES33101ZM, EES331110M, EES35111XM, EOC5841AOZ, EP3003011M, EP3003031M, EP3003061M, EP3013021D, EP3013021M, EP3013021W, EP3013081D, EP3013081M, EP3013081W, EP3013521M, EP3013531M, EP3313031M, EP3313091M, EP5003011B, EP5003011M, EP5003011W, EP5004031M, EP5013031M, EP5303151M, EP5313031M, EP5313091M, EP5313291M, EP7004011M, EP7304031M, EP7304151M, EP7314031M, EPB331000M, EPB331020M, EPB351020M, EPB355020M, EPB435020M, EPE551220M, EPE555220M, EPK35102YM, EPS33102ZM, EPS35112XM, EPS55122CM, EPS55132XM, EPS55522CM, EPS55532XM, GB3010, GB3010P, GB5020, GB5021, GB6020P, GE2010, GE3010, GE3010P

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