Krups F054 Anticalc Kit Descaler

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Krups F054 Anticalc Kit Descaler


Krups descaling powder for espresso machines, coffee makers and kettles.

The Krups F054 Descaling Anti-Calc powder is a citric acid based descaling powder containing 2 sachets which each weigh 40 grams, which is 2 descaling doses. The kit also includes a  test strip with which you can measure the water's hardness.

Instructions for use:
The amount of limescale accumulation depends on the hardness of the water used. When the time arrives to descale, the Krups coffee machine will warn you by displaying a warning message.In order to run the descaling programme, you will need a container with a contents of at least 0.6 litres and a sachet of Krups F054 Descaling Anti-Calc Powder.

Add the descaling powder to the water reservoir. When the message 'descaling necessary' is showing, you can start the automatic cleaning programme by pushing the 'PROG' button.

Follow the instructions on the display and make sure the contents of the sachet is completely dissolved. The descaling cycle has 3 stages: the actual descaling cycle, followed by 2 rinse cycles.

Suitable for all Krups, Dolce Gusto, Coffee Makers and other Espresso machines

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